Kunst & Ambiente is a manufacturer that produces stunning, handmade bronze sculptures. Created as a replication of some of our favorite artists’ most famous pieces including Salvador Dali and Alfredo Pina, these figurines can act as the most wow-worthy wedding gift for the newlywed couple you love.

In the words of Kunst and Ambiente,

 “Whether chosen for one’s own aesthetics or to embellish a landscape, bronze sculptures are a common part of the interior and exterior decoration. They are, however, not merely decorations, but expressions of the owner’s personality.

A wide-ranging assortment of bronze sculptures and figurines, including Viennese nudes, Greek statues, and garden sculptures, is available in our Bronze Shop. Regardless of your aesthetic, style, or desired size, there is certainly a bronze sculpture to fit your needs.”

Bronze Sculpture & Figurine Wedding Gift Ideas

The Thinker

Kunst & Ambiente Art Bronze Sculpture - The Thinker

Price: $97.33 (€89.00)

Site description: “Modern Art Bronze – The Thinker – signed Auguste Rodin on marble”

“The Thinker” is a very impressive Modern Art statue on marble-base and was designed by the famous artist Auguste Rodin. The sculpture is signed like the original. “The Thinker” is one of the most announced motives of Auguste Rodin. The famous thinker is sitting on top of a quadratic marble- base. Deep in thought, this naked man cups his chin in his hand, which is a typical thinking pose of Modern Art. 

The statue is made of finest bronze material and was cast in our foundry in an amazing agreement to the original. It is a focal point in every exhibition and an absolute eye-catcher for friends of bronze sculptures or collectors of Modern Art.

Abstract Birds 

Kunst & Ambiente Art Bronze Sculpture - Abstract Birds

Price: $545.79 (€499.00)

Site description: “Abstract Bird Sculpture – Masquerade – Animal Figurine – Martin Klein”

With his contemporary bronze figurine Masquerade, Martin Klein creates a fascinating sculpture that depicts the mysterious story of a couple of birds. The heavy abstraction of the animals is combined with a green patina, and finally, the humorous scenario culminates in golden masks that the animals wear on their heads

The abstract animals in Klein’s bronze seem strange, yet compelling at the same time. Placed on a discreet marble base, the bronze Bird Masquerade turns into a definite eye-catcher in any environment, proving that Martin Klein once again managed to create a fascinating piece of contemporary art.

Feminine Nude

Kunst & Ambiente Art Bronze Sculpture - Feminine Nude

Price: $108.28 (€99.00)

Site description: “Erotic Nude – Crouching Nude Bronze – Patoue – Erotic Figurine”

Seductive yet shy, almost submissive – this is how this desirable erotic nude presents itself. The artist Patoue manages to once more create a seductive beauty made of bronze whose erotic appeal is not lost on the observer. 

His sense of the female physiognomy is impressive, his depiction of the female body unique. Patoue skilfully combines aestheticism and eroticism. The boundaries between the erotic nude and eroticism are blurred in this fascinating piece of contemporary art.

About Bronze Figurines

Did you know that Bronze is one of the world’s oldest alloys? With a tin content of 20%, it is quite resistant to corrosion, meaning your sculptures have the ability to become not just an inside fixture to your home but could easily become an outside staple to elevate your landscaping. 

And when it comes to life-size bronze figures, the first was created by ancient Greeks using artisan techniques over thousands of years old. This means that these stunning sculptures will add just the right amount of Euro charm and culture to any corner of your home. 

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