cutlery for wedding registry

What You Really Need on Your Wedding Registry

The Useful Things You Actually Need on Get Onto Wedding Registry

With more and more shops providing a registry service, the list of items you could put on your wedding gift list is endless. This means it’s increasingly important to make sure you’re choosing things you’re actually going to use, rather than getting carried away and selecting everything in John Lewis. Here are some ideas to help you figure out what’s really going to be useful, and what’s just going to get in the way.

cutlery for wedding registry
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What Do You Already Have?

With many couples getting married later in life, or moving in together first, you may already have many of the typical items that come to mind when you think of a wedding registry – such as top-notch cutlery and kitchenware. But that doesn’t mean you should go forth into wedding bliss without registering. Even though you already own many of the ‘traditional’ registry items, you still want to give your friends and family the chance to buy you something special.

kitchenaid wedding registry
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It’s also a very meaningful gesture as it gives your guests the chance to have a part in your new life together, even if you’ve already set up home. Plus if you don’t register, you may end up receiving duplicates or things you already have. If you do still need those good old basics or want to upgrade the ones you’ve bought, then this is the perfect time to put together a wedding list. It’s also a great opportunity to request those items that you would like but wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself – such as a cocktail making set, or a luxury knife block. Beautiful bed linen should also be high on your list. It’s all about filling your home with those high-quality items that you’ll treasure for life, so assess your needs and go for it!

cocktail making set
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Consider Cost

When putting together your list, make sure that you’re catering to a range of budgets. Close family members and friends will probably want to splash out on something special, whereas guests you’re less close to like old friends from school or evening-only guests would rather get you something a little less pricey. By choosing items to anticipate this, your guests can be confident that they’re choosing something you really need and want, without feeling like they have to spend more than they can afford. A good rule is to balance every high-ticket item with a less expensive one; that way, your list won’t swing too far one way or the other. So if you’re hoping to finally get that Kitchen Aid mixer, maybe balance it out with some lovely (but low-cost) table linen.