Q: “Can I Give A Unique Wedding Gift?”

Without a wedding registry, some wedding-goers feel unsure about what to buy for the celebrated couple. Without all of those pre-selected linens, serving platters, utensils, and cookware, what can you buy that you will be sure the couple will truly appreciate? The key is to be thoughtful. The gift should not only reflect you, but them as well!

  • Something personal… Use your creativity! If you share lots of inside jokes with the couple, create a crossword puzzle that they can fill in together (if you give it to them in a nice frame they’ll be able to hang it and cherish those personal references for years!) Is there a photo you know the couple adores? Turn it into a puzzle that they can reassemble on a rainy day!
  • Something cultural… a membership to a great museum, theater, or concert hall is gift a couple could use on an ongoing basis for exhibitions, shows, or performances that interest them. Memberships to cultural organizations provide entertainment and intellectual expansion that a couple could use as much as they want.
  • Something for the home… If you have a firm grasp of the couple’s style and they’re moving into a new home together, a piece of unique artwork or furniture could help them establish their new shared surroundings and fill out some of those empty spaces.
  • Something to relax… A wedding is a notoriously expensive event. After a wedding a couple just beginning their life together is more likely looking for ways to save money than ways to spend more of it. A cooking class, tickets to a concert or a game, a couple’s massage session, or a gift certificate for a restaurant could be a cherished relief after the busy post-wedding days.
  • Something for the future… By buying shares in a stock that interests the couple you can give an alternative to cash that also represents personal interests.

If you have a registry that you can choose from, great! If not, you have a chance to give a truly unique gift that could only have been given by you and will be something the couple will cherish. Let us know a unique wedding gift that you’ve given! What made it perfect for the couple and how did they react?