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Gift For Engagement For Second Marriage?

Second Wedding Gift Giving

A good friend of mine from work got engaged in the middle of February. The thought to buy her an engagement gift did not enter my mind until just last week. I do want to get her something, however I’m not sure what would be an appropriate gift. Even though it has been two months, is it too late to get her a gift? If not what would you suggest and how much money would be the right amount to spend? She and her fiance just built a house from the bottom up and has everything she would need for her new home. This is a second marriage for both, she is divorced for over 9 years and his was final approximately 2 years ago. There are 3 children between the both of them. Thank you. 

Wedding Queen

Please note that you are not obligated by etiquette to buy an engagement gift but the thought is very sweet.

Just select something you think your friend would never buy for herself that fits into your budget. Consider the couple’s taste, style and hobbies. For example, if the couple has kids and they are overworked (and who isn’t these days?) perhaps a gift certificate for a night out or a day spa would make a great gift. Also, anything that could be a keepsake is a good idea.

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The Bridal Expert

Try to find a gift that reflects the style and interests of the couple. Here are some suggestions for both second time engagement and wedding gifts:

  • A gift certificate for dancing lessons.
  • Restaurant gift certificates at an adventurouse new place.
  • Tickets to an opening gala, the opeara or a concert.
  • Champagne flutes for their first toast
  • If the bride and groom have children from a previous marriage, a nice gift may be something for the whole family, such as a package of tickets to the aquarium or zoo.
  • Chip in with others and give the couple a weekend getaway. A local bed and breakfast and spa would be be perfect.
  • A “Wine of the Month” club or “Farm to Table” club.