Q: Why Do Guests Wear White to a Wedding?

Wearing White to a Wedding. Is it not considered to be a faux pas anymore?

We’re pretty sure that almost everyone knows not to wear white-white. Yes, it is still a faux pas to wear white or cream to a wedding. Our opinion on this is that out of respect for the bride, people shouldn’t wear these colors.

While the dress codes for just about every event have relaxed quite a bit in recent years, it is still important when it comes to something like a wedding which has such emotions running high to be a little more aware.

I will say that we are seeing more and more people write in and ask us if they can wear white or close to white colors. Maybe recent trends are that white dresses are fashionable again. Not sure, but we still don’t recommend it.

Our advice is really simple: if you think you need to ask the bride or anyone whether you can wear the dress, you shouldn’t wear the dress.

can i wear white to a wedding