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My last child is graduating college and leaving the nest. I wanted to mark that occasion with a special gift for her graduation.  How does this relate to weddings or bridesmaids’ gifts? Hold on…I’m getting there.  Enter, Peace of Jewelry, which is a handmade inspirational jewelry business owned and personally operated by Morgan King, who also happens to be one of our Top Wedding Jewelry sites.

I posted a question on Facebook asking for graduation gift suggestions and Morgan, the jewelry designer,  replied suggesting her inspirational bracelets, great for a woman of college graduation age. I visited the site and got hooked.  That’s when I realized what a great bridesmaid gift this would be too,  since you can personalize it enough to be relevant and memorable, but not too much that the bridesmaid has to wear your wedding date on her arm. {wink}

So Morgan personally guided me with regard to selection of colors and styles and we were off to the races. What makes these bracelets a great gift, besides the facts that they are well made and just adorable? Well, there are charms to be included which have inspirational words engraved on them like friendship, courage, hope, love, etc. You get to choose just the right words for your bridesmaid, or whomever is getting the gift,  to show her just how you feel. And, then you can get each bridesmaid a real personalized gift, showing her you thought about HER as much as she thought about YOU during all these months and months of wedding planning.

bridesmaid gift bracelet

The Perfect Bridesmaid's Gift

Morgan got right to work making my gift bracelet and it arrived in just a few days. I suspect she gives every piece, and customer, this sort of personalized attention, something I admire and appreciate when I’m making a purchase online. In the photo above (my gift bracelet), the beads seem a little purple, but they are really more of a brownish pink and I was pleasantly surprised by the color (suggested by Morgan – good call!). What was also nice was the pretty little gift bag that came with. Very nice touch. Best of all, totally affordable! Love this site/service/product!

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    That bag that comes with it is an awesome touch. Classy.

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