Wedding Perfection – The Finishing Touches

wedding finishing touches

wedding finishing touches

When planning a wedding, it is the big things that take precedence; the venue, the dress, the flowers. Planning an event as large as most weddings is a time consuming process and since most people cannot afford a professional wedding planner, it is something that is most often done around full time employment.

There are plenty of checklists around to help with planning the big things, but the finishing touches often get forgotten. Run down the following checklist to make sure nothing gets forgotten:

Bridesmaid Gifts – traditionally the groom buys the bridesmaids gifts for their help with organising the wedding. Stores like Ernest Jones have a beautiful range of classic jewellery that is perfect for a bridesmaid gift – sure to suit every taste.

Wedding Favours – Tiny mementos of your wedding for your guests are a wonderful way to say thank you for sharing your big day (and for the gift they likely gave you).  Cookies and candies are traditional, but alternatives include tiny plants in cute pots, or “charity wedding favours” where each guest is given a card with details of something purchased on their behalf. Oxfam offer things such as seeds or books for third world communities.

Bikini Wax – No doubt the wedding makeup has been arranged for months, but that is not the only trip to the beautician you might want to plan in. Getting ready for your wedding night is a piece of pampering that shouldn’t be left to the last minute.

Ice Breakers – However long you pour over the seating plan, it is inevitable that you will end up with tables of people who have never met or barely know each other. Ice breakers are a great way to get people talking. Perhaps you could draw up a “bride and groom” quiz with prizes for the table who knows you both best, or put an “advice for the happy couple” jar in the centre of the table with pens and slips of paper.

Entertaining the Kids – If you are having a child free wedding, you’re set. If you are expecting little people it is good to plan ahead for bored kids. Consider a children’s activity table at the reception with colouring books and games and talk to the reception venue about providing your own juice boxes.

Maps and Directions – If your reception venue is not the same as your ceremony venue, make sure that directions and maps are provided, and that you supply the zipcode of the venue for those with sat-nav. Guest who are stressed and late are unlikely to be having as much fun as you would like.

Finishing touches are the icing on the wedding cake when it comes to the day being memorable for all the right reasons for everyone involved.

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