Hiring The Perfect Wedding Hairstylists and Makeup Magicians!

Not just another review of some wedding service providers, but a real life review with real life experiences. We hope these reviews are helpful to local wedding couples, but also offering all wedding couples some insight into how a real life bride selected her wedding hair and makeup professional.

Grandmother of the Groom Getting Styled

My daughter-in-law selected The David Witchell Salon & Spa in Newtown, PA to do her wedding hair and makeup and invited me to use their services too. Even though she had been there before and her bridal trial went well, I was still nervous about having my hair and makeup done by a stranger. I went armed and ready with some photos of myself with my hair in various types of styles done by my own local hairstylist. But once I got to the salon I felt less anxious.

bridal hairstyle
Bridal hairstyle – Half up – half down look.

It’s a pretty large shop with a spa in the lower level. We had no time for relaxation or spa services that day…dang…so I didn’t get the opportunity to see the spa. But based on the street level decor and ambiance, I’ll bet no detail was left out. I was greet by a friendly receptionist and invited to have some coffee while I waited. Pretty standard, but nice. The other ladies got there before me so I had the luxury of seeing what was happening to them first!

We were all taken in a timely fashion, but not hurried at all, and asked a series of questions about how we wanted to look and feel that day and how we usually wore our hair and makeup. From that information each stylist came up with their ideas of what should and could be done, unless one of the ladies had done a trial or knew exactly what they wanted.

Mother of the Groom

Now, I had been to my local stylist, Jen, just before the wedding and asked her to come up with some ideas. She did so and then we took photos, but I left my phone back at the hotel so I was awfully glad my stylist was a genius. I left her to “do her thing” and she did a really great job.  I’d recommend having some photos of yourself or from a magazine if you’re the type who needs to have a certain level of control, though.

Wedding Hairstyles Survived The Reception

The bride had a bridal trial a few weeks before. She brought along her headpiece and veil so her stylist could suggest the best hairstyle for those accessories. I understand they played around with a few different styles before settling on a half up and half down style that was not too fussy, which is perfect since that is the personality of the bride.

Matron of Honor Hair Style

We all had our makeup done too, and those ladies were true artists. No matter the age, personality or skin type that all the women presented, each woman came out of the salon looking gorgeous.

Since it was a pretty windy autumn day, I was worried that the styles wouldn’t last. But, they did last and without having a load of hairspray making a helmet head! I did not have to  touch my hair for the rest of the day!

All of the hair and makeup looks were very, very natural and appropriate for the daytime wedding and the age of all of the participants.

I just wish I had taken some more photos of the backs of all of the ladies heads!

Grandmother of the Groom – An Awesome 78 Year Old!
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Bridal Party Hair and Makeup
Bride and MOH Wedding Hair and Makeup