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10 Super-Handy Wedding Registry Tips. And Yes, No.4 Is A Must.

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Registering for your wedding is an exciting moment; here are some ideas and suggestions to help you avoid wedding gift frustrations and to make sure you are asking for meaningful gifts.

  1. Write down a wish list of what you want and need and take it with you when you set up your registry.
  2. Have your fiancé write a wish list too and make sure your registries reflect both of you.
  3. Spend some time thinking about the things that could really benefit you and your fiancé, write them down, and find out how you can register for those things.
  4. Think outside the box. You can register for just about anything these days so do not feel limited to household items.
  5. Open your cupboards and closets and storage boxes and cross off anything on your list you already have.
  6. Wedding gifts can potentially take up a lot of space, make sure you have space to store and keep all of the gifts you ask for. This may sound silly, but one of the top complaints we hear is: “We need a bigger apartment to fit all of our wedding gifts.”
  7. Have at least one traditional registry and one non-traditional registry – if your guests are not inspired by your towel set or cannot afford your crystal stemware– they will not buy it. It is helpful if you give them a few options and price points to choose from.
  8. Do not download the registry checklist on any wedding website. You know yourself better than the retailers that created the checklist and there are many things on it you really will never use.
  9. If cash is what you want, find a way to ask for it. Do not register for a bunch of stuff with the intent to return it for cash. There are some great sites that allow you to ask for cash in a way that is authentic to your life.
  10. If you do not want wedding gifts, set up a registry where your friends and family can donate to a charity of your choosing. It will warm your heart and make a difference.
wedding registry tips
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Take your time and put some thought into this! Your friends and family want to give, so make sure it’s a meaningful exchange that will stay with you throughout your lives together.

Cynthia Kellogg is the CEO of Gift Gather. She is an expert on the gift giving ritual and is dedicated to making sure you have a meaningful gift exchange for all the special moments you celebrate.  Follow her on Google.

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