thank you wedding

Ways to Say Thanks to Those Who Help with Your Wedding

thank you wedding

If you’re planning a wedding, it’s likely that your life is a whirlwind of diamond rings and seating charts. In the middle of all the planning, it’s easy to forget to say thank you to the many friends and family members who’ve chipped in, giving of their time, energy and talents to help make your day special. It’s especially easy to neglect to demonstrate your gratitude toward those who’ve helped but who aren’t officially a part of your wedding like the friend who addressed all of your invitations in her beautiful handwriting or the cousin who volunteered to pick up guests at the airport..925 Sterling Silver and CZ Filigree Key Pendant

Don’t leave any question in the minds of all who’ve landed a hand! Let each of them know that you appreciate their contributions to your big day with a token of your gratitude, either shortly before your wedding or shortly after. Stumped as to what to give? Try one of these ideas to find the perfect gift to express your thanks to everyone who helped.

Restaurant gift cards allow those who gave up their time for you to enjoy an evening out of the kitchen. Give a card for an establishment you know the recipient frequents or introduce them to one you think they’ll love.

Silver jewelry is a beautiful and lasting token of your appreciation. Try a universally-faltering silver pendant or pair of earrings for a gift that will be a good fit for any lady on your list.

Movie tickets are another way to give those who help out a night out. Just be sure to choose tickets for a theater that’s near the recipient’s home so that using them doesn’t become a chore.

A gas gift card is a fitting way to thank anyone who helped to provide transportation for your wedding day. Choose one for a convenience store that also sells coffee and sandwiches to allow the recipient to fill both their gas tank and their stomach.

A spa treatment is a surefire way to show your appreciation. Give a gift certificate for a massage, manicure or facial, or pick up a spa gift card good for a service of the recipient’s choice.

Gourmet goodies are good picks for just about anyone deserving of thanks. Choose an assortment of coffee or tea, a box of indulgent chocolates or other candies, a basket of gorgeous fresh fruit or a set of specialty sauces and rubs for the barbeque lover.

0.75 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K Rose GoldNo matter what you choose, a handwritten note will make your gift much more meaningful. Take the extra few minutes to tell each person why you are thankful for their specific contribution to your big day.

From oohing and aahing over rose gold engagement rings to handing out programs or bubbles on the big day, an entire cast of friends and family play important role in making your wedding day the day you always dreamed it would be. Don’t forget to say thanks to each one with a gift that makes your appreciation obvious.