What to Write in a Wedding Card: Best Wedding Wishes

It’s not always just the happy couple who feels jitters as the day X approaches. Sometimes, the guests share the uneasy feeling about the ceremony and following the etiquette. Even what to write in a wedding card can be a struggle. Before you start overthinking the whole process, here are the suggestions to help you check off the right wordings from the list of “big deals” before the event.

Ideas on putting right words together

  • Chic is never tedious.  Presenting a simple wish to the couple occurred at first, right? Then you dropped the idea because it was boring. Well, it is not a bad idea if you sincerely wish the couple well. Also, it is a way out if you have not been in touch with either party tying the knot. It suits a shortlist ceremony perfectly. Another occasion that fits is a remote event that you have to miss.
  • Who else if not me? Start writing a blueprint of the wedding messages. Let your thoughts simply flow. The truth is that this might never happen. Do you get the feeling as if you are back to school? The idea to get someone to write my essay… I mean wedding wishes is not a bad one. You can hire a writer to do any type of writing these days. Ask for various styles of writing, so you’ll have a choice.
  • Fun time. If you are a good friend on good terms with a party and you have a good laugh here and there. You are familiar with their spouse, and overall the communication is warm and friendly. Then try a joking style for your wishes and think of the fun times you had.

Do it only if you are 100% sure it’s not offensive. Better give your best version for a “proofread” to one person at least. If no awkward questions resurface, then it’s a deal.

Examples of wedding card messages

You can use these examples as they are or build a message upon them. Keep it short. If your message takes up too much space on the card, then it’s better to say your wishes in person. Stick to a smaller version for the card.


  • Best wishes on your wedding day.
  • May the memories of this delightful day last for many years.
  • What a day to tie a knot! Here’s to the cherished moment to come.
  • Wishing you all the happiness of married life.
  • May you love, friendship and kindness to each grow with the years to come.
  • Looking forward to seeing your family grow and evolve in the same style as your pre-marriage relationship. May you both have the time of your lives!


  • Best wishes of the happy marriage.
  • Warm wishes on your wedding day.
  • Kind wishes of a happy married life.
  • Wishing you a happy life together.
  • May you have a lifetime of content, mutual respect, and support.


  • Happy wedding day and welcome to the family.
  • [Put the name of your family member] knows just the right person to fit in the family. We are excited to have you join us. Have a happy wedding day and a lifetime of love and support.
  • Such a great reason for the family reunion. It’s a pleasure to have you, [name of the spouse of your family member], join the family. Warm welcome and a happy day to both of you.
  • Whatever happens today, we are sure to remind you of it for years to come. No pressure.
  • You are such a beautiful couple. May your love last a lifetime.

The titles of these groups are not limited. If you have a strong feeling to use the message from a “Friendly” section to congratulate your co-worker, then skip the etiquette and do so. Especially, if over the years of working together you’ve been through a lot and you are comfortable calling him/her a friend.

This also applies to a family section. Due to large distances and not being able to visit see your family often, the “Official” messages would fit better the type of relations you have. No need to feel uneasy about it. The main recipe of a perfect message is the words coming from the heart.


Jeff Blaylock has successfully combined creativity, writing and organizing skills in his career. As a calligrapher, he has developed a sense for the perfect wishes for any holiday, but weddings in particular. It’s been a natural shift for Jeff to move to develop wedding themes and styles. Currently, he is sharing his experience with wedding organization and creative ideas for the couple and guests of the weddings.