Q: How Much Should I Spend On The Wedding Gift?

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How much you want to spend on a wedding gift is really your call. The most common wedding gift amount is $150, the second $100 or $250, and the third is $20 to $1,000. Yes, this is a considerable range, but again, what you choose to spend is your choice. Many couples say the notes they receive with their gifts are what really matters, especially if said notes are truly heartfelt and genuine. Spend more time on your note to give the couple something they’ll really cherish, or go with a “priceless” gift such as a home-cooked meal after all the wedding craziness has died down.

If you’re still stuck, think about your relationship with with the couple. Are they longtime friends? Relatives? People you know but aren’t super-close with? How close you are or not with the people getting married absolutely influences how much you will spend. If it’s a beloved friend or family member, feel free to spend a little more. If they’re good friends you don’t see that often but still care about, spend a little less. Wedding registries feature a wide variety of options so you can pick and choose what you want to purchase…and subsequently determine how much you’re going to spend.