How Much Money Do I Give As A Wedding Gift?


Wondering how much dough you need to shell out for the wedding you’ve been invited to is a time-honored question. Many factors contribute to how much money you should give as a gift, and there’s quite literally “an app for that,” such as The Wedding Envelope Gift Calculator. Gift calculator apps are quite handy in determining how much you should spend!

Let’s review a few factors that contribute to amount you’re writing the check for:

Salary Range

Your salary obviously plays a huge part in how much money you’re giving the bride and groom. If you’re low on funds, no one is going to expect you to write an extravagant check. Paying what you can is just fine–what’s more important is that you’re making a contribution!

Relationship With The Bride And Groom

The relationship you have with the bride and groom is another significant factor. For example, if the bride is one of your lifelong friends, you’re going to spend a little more. If the couple are friends of friends and you’re surprised you were invited, you’re going to spend a little less. Your relationship with couple is key in determining the correct amount.

First, Second, Third, Etc. Wedding

Is it the first marriage for the bride and groom, or the third? First-time newlyweds generally need more money to “get started” than those who have already been around the marriage block. Such people have many of the items they need to begin a new life together, which allows you to shave a few dollars off the monetary sum.

Travel Distance

How far you’re traveling for the wedding is extremely significant as well. For example, are you driving eight hours to get to the venue? Flying across the country or to another country? The more you’re paying to attend the wedding, the less you have to give as a gift.

Keep these factors in mind, and don’t overspend!