Tips for a Picture Perfect Marriage Proposal


You’ve found the proverbial “One”, and you’re ready to commit to this wonderful person for the rest of your life. When it comes down to it, the perfect marriage proposal varies from couple to couple, but there are simple ways you can ensure that you pop the question in the best way possible. Follow these proposal tips and sweep your sweetheart off their feet as you ask the most important question of your life.

Picking Your Proposal Location

Sometimes proposals happen spur of the moment, but if you’re really looking to plan out you proposal, location should be your topmost priority. The best route to go is to choose a locale that has meaning to your relationship. It might be the park bench where you first kissed, or perhaps at the art gallery where you first met. Whatever the case, make sure it’s tailored to the two of you.

Selecting the Ring

Some of us are helpless when it comes to design, and if you’re in a state of panic at the thought of choosing the right ring, take a deep breath. If you and your sweetheart have talked about marriage before, chances are the topic of engagement rings has come up. If not, however, there’s no need to fear. If you’re really stealthy, examine her Pinterest boards for a hint; it just might be that your special someone has a board dedicated to weddings (you’d be surprised at how common it is) and you might find a hint towards her preferred style there. Another great resource? Her mother, sisters, and best friends. If you’re worried about spilling the beans to too many people, stick to one or two and swear them to secrecy. Having someone on your side during the ring selection process is sure to cut down on the stress and better ensure your chances at finding the perfect fit. If you’re still at a loss for the type of ring to get your bride, consider a stand-in ring for the proposal, and set an appointment at a jeweler the week after to go together and pick out the ring of her choice.

It’s All in the Details

When it comes to crafting the perfect proposal, make sure you pay attention to the nitty gritty details. It’s the combination of small things that will result in the ultimate atmosphere. Have a bouquet of fresh flowers waiting for her, pop a bottle of personalized champagne from Etching Expressions, and get a special dessert delivered from SweetStreet. The details also apply to you. Dress up for the occasion, groom well, and keep in mind that you’ll both remember this day for the rest of your lives.

Public or Private?

You’ll also have to make the decision on who to include in your proposal. Would your sweetheart prefer a private proposal with just the two of you? Or would she appreciate her family and friends on the sidelines cheering you on in this wonderful life milestone? If you believe she’d prefer a private proposal but you want to include your loved ones on this big day, put together a surprise engagement shindig. After you’ve had your special moment and gotten to bask in your new fiancé-dom, head to the location you’ve selected for your engagement party surprise and shock her with her parents, siblings, friends, and anyone else you think she’d love to share your joy with.

Speak from the Heart

If you’re worried about getting tongue tied, don’t be. A few weeks before you plan to propose, sit down and write out all the reasons you want to spend the rest of your life with this special person. Don’t write a script that you’ll read word for word; instead, look over your list that you made and use your bullet points as a jumping off technique. The more heartfelt, the better, and letting the words flow as they come will be more sincere. Even if you don’t get out every last thing you wanted to say, you’ll have the rest of your lives to show her exactly why you proposed in the first place.

If you’re planning on proposing soon, keep these tips in mind and make sure the day is as wonderful as you always imagined for both you and your betrothed.