The groom

Just imagine the groom,after the bachelor party with his friends, a tiring night and one day after comes the wedding! That`s so unfair, he has to wake up from his fairytale moisturized in alcohol and strippers, get a fresh face and prepare for the big day: his wedding day!

He wakes up in the morning, yet sober and looks in the mirror and he speaks to himself: tomorrow you`re going to be a married man, with responsibilities and after a few years maybe a dad, goodbye great moments spend in bar looking after women! This idea makes him laugh because he knows very well that no one hasn`t put a interdiction in admiring what`s beautiful, even God loves what`s beautiful…
Returning to this important day, the groom looks around him and observes his gown, he will wear that costume at his wedding, indeed he will look like a prince and surely every person invited will admire him, how handsome he looks, and besides his future wife he is going to look marvelous!

A general idea about weddings: people only speak about the bride and how gorgeous she looks, or how beautiful her husband looks with her, but why doesn`t anyone treat the groom separately? Not many people have thought of this idea, neither did the grooms but when we see a wedding, the man`s emotions can be perceived on his face!

It is often heard how the groom forgets necessary things for the wedding because he is affected by his emotions… well, why shouldn`t that happen when he is going to make a large step in his life? There are often the cases in which the groom or even the bride loose their voices, it usually happens when they are about to say “yes” and the present crowd starts a fuss, because they think it`s a problem between the two; in fact, the couple is overwhelmed with emotions.

The tradition with stealing the bride is also very well known, some people present at the party, steal the bride and the groom needs to pay some ransom in order to get his wife back, because this happens after the ceremony ends and the party starts. This well-known gesture is seen like a prank, but also those surrounding the freshly married man see how much he is willing to offer for his wife, maybe an act of deep love!
The groom has to choose his best man, it is certainly known that the best man, is the ex-bachelor`s best friend, in subliminal acts, this one can be perceived as the support needed by the groom that is going to get married, and his buddy is there for him…
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Weddings indeed have a special aura, being the happiest moments in one`s life, one can see only the beautiful aspects and forget their sorrows, all must be happy for the bride and the groom, especially for him, cause men seem to handle very hard the idea of marriage!