Everything You Need to Know About Marriage Licenses

A marriage license is the legal document issued by your county clerk’s office that will be filed by your minister or officiant after your wedding ceremony to ensure that you are legally married.  After it is filed, a certified marriage certificate will be issued by the clerks office and mailed to you.  That document is your legal proof of marriage.  That seems straightforward doesn’t it?

Many engaged couples have no idea how to apply for a marriage license.  Where do you get one?  How much does it cost? Do you need to get a blood test? Does it expire?  These are just a few of the questions that need to be answered before you apply and before you say “I do.”

MarriageLicenseNow is an online guide designed to simplify marriage license research for engaged couples across the United States!  No more confusion and frustration as you try to figure out your county’s marriage license requirements.  You simply select your state and county on MarriageLicenseNow and will instantly be able to view detailed information on exactly what you need to do and bring to file for your marriage license.  Added perk: you can check the chat boards to see what brides in your county are saying about the filing process.  Everything from the best clerk to visit to where to park!