Palestinian or any Middle Eastern weddings are definitely different from western weddings, however they are just as cool and fun. Expect a true experience, one that includes lots of loud music, plenty of food, and guests dressed up in their very finest, including their best jewels. There’s also local dancing in national costumes…in short, a good time.

Seating at a Palestinian wedding usually involves either the bride or groom (depending who invited you) escorting you to your seat. As with western weddings, the bride’s family and friends sits on one side and the groom’s family and friends the other.

In terms of gifts, you are not expected to bring one. Cash is the favorite gift, however it is usually given by family and close friends only. If you still wish to provide a wedding present, put some cash in a card featuring your name and well wishes. Hand the envelope to the host of the wedding if you cannot find a box or container for cash gifts.

Take as many pictures as you like, and be prepared for celebratory gunfire. The Palestinian wedding you attend may not include the big guns, but it is still possible. Whatever happens, have fun and enjoy the day!