Q: “Should I Trash The Dress?”

Are you familiar with that “trash the dress” trend? If not, we will reveal its significance for you. It is all about having a photo session that involves throwing mud, water, paint and whatever else you may like at your wedding dress. Of course this isn’t mandatory and it may be applied only for those brides who would not like to save their bridal gown. However, it is funny though since it refers to eliminating the stress you have gathered while the preparations of your dream wedding ceremony.

It is true that the wedding dress is a pretty expensive purchase, this being the main reason why most of the brides choose to say “no” to this peculiar photo session. Besides them, there are other brides who would like to preserve their wedding dress for their daughters, granddaughters and so on. This is actually a beautiful and kind desire, which is why we have though about an alternative.

Lots of brides pick two wedding dresses: one for the reception and the other one for the ceremony. You could do something like this, i.e. you may purchase a stunning, expensive and sophisticated dress for yourwedding reception, while for your ceremony you may buy an inexpensive, yet elegant gown that you may trash after the wedding. I know that brides are usually very superstitious and that they would do whatever it takes just to make sure that their marriage will be a happy one. So, go for this trick and you will complete the “trash the dress” ritual.

However, if you love your second dress too, then after this process you may take it to a dry cleaning: these techniques are so advanced nowadays that there is no stain that could resist. Anyway, if you want the dry cleaning to be successful do not throw paint or other miscellaneous things on your wedding dress.

If you want our advice, we strongly encourage you to go ahead and have some fun with this “trash the dress” photo session. You will remain with great wedding pictures, with wonderful memories, and if you are lucky enough (and the stains will be removed) with your bridal gown too. However, do not trash your incredible expensive gown, because you will surely regret it later, have this ritual done with something more affordable and less luxurious.