Are you looking for some quick tips in terms of toasting to the groomsmen? Whether you’re one of the fellas or one of the bridesmaids offering up thank you’s and well-wishes, we’ve got you covered.

The Question: Toasting to the groomsmen, where do I even begin?

I am the bridesmaid in the wedding party and have been asked to give the toast to the groomsmen. I need something pretty generic as the first time I will meet any of them is the day of the wedding – HELP!!

Our Answer

Talk to the groom. He’s going to be your best bet. Get some intel on the men and take some notes too. Get a story or some memories from when they were younger, gather some info on relationships and who has done what to help with the wedding; all of which can be used in your toast.

You’ll definitely want to jot down an outline of your toast as well and maybe even practice to give yourself a boost of confidence. This can be short and sweet – with a few one-liners thrown in for good measure. Don’t stress or fret!

Other Expert Answers

“The bridesmaids toasting the groomsmen isn’t a traditional request, but it probably stems from the Best Man’s toast; whom is expected to toast the Bride & Groom, focusing on the Groom, and including a “toast” or a mention/compliment to the bridesmaids. Then, if the Groom himself is speaking, he would traditionally be the one to mention his groomsmen.

However, since you’ve been asked to toast, here are some ideas…

Is the Maid of Honor also toasting? If yes, your toast should be very short. A simple introduction of yourself, congratulations to the bride and groom, and a thank you to the groomsmen for getting the groom to the chapel on time and for their support of the groom. Add a fun story if you have one.

If the Maid of Honor is not toasting (or if you are the Maid of Honor) you can have a longer toast; including the groomsmen, plus talking about the Bride and why she is such a wonderful person, and why you think she and her groom are such a good match.

Be sure to end with a heartfelt congratulations to the Bride and Groom!” – Rick Pieczonka of Instant Wedding Toasts

“Here’s a simple and quick toast for the groomsmen: “On behalf of the bride and groom and the other bridesmaids, I would like to toast the 3 men who kept (groom’s name) calm leading up to today and made sure he wasn’t late for his own wedding. To the men who safely walked us down the aisle and those of you who will try to take a bridesmaid home tonight. But in all seriousness, thanks for sticking by (Bride & Groom names) and being not only great friends but brothers ( this works whether or not they are actually brothers). Cheers” – The Bride Next Door

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