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Five Wedding Details Men Want to Help Plan

Ladies, you’re not alone if you’re afraid you will have to do all the wedding planning yourself and your husband-to-be will not want to help. However, there are definitely some details he’ll be interesting in planning with you, so don’t be afraid to ask him to participate!

Who Will Be There and When

  1. The guest list and bridal party should be composed of half your friends and family, and half his friends and family. Decide together how many people to invite, who will be on each list and why. He knows best which of his family members and friends will want to be there, and who he wants to see up there with him as his groomsmen and best man.
  2. The wedding date should be a time that is convenient for everyone possible. You know men—they may not be thrilled to attend a wedding and rehearsals if those times will conflict with big sports games on television or other man things. He can provide input on when he (and his friends) will be 100% ready to commit the time needed to do wedding things without any distractions.

Where to Wed, What to Eat and Guy Gifts

  1. The venue should be a joint decision, as he will want to help decide how the wedding funds will be spent, especially if you two are funding the wedding on your own. Work out the details of how you are going to incorporate the flowers, décor, catering, and other costs into the chosen venue, and you’re more likely to keep the peace over money matters.
  2. Let him plan the rehearsal dinner. Men love eating, and this is his chance to treat everyone to some delicious food, his style. Whether he wants to fire up the grill outside or make reservations at his favorite steakhouse, he’ll enjoy the night twice as much knowing he had a hand in everyone’s great time.
  3. The gift registry will be a list of stores and items for your new home together, so he will want a say in what is on that list. Yes, you need the perfect homemaking items for your new kitchen, but he deserves a “man cave” where he can entertain too.

If you ask your man to help with these five things, odds are he’ll be more than willing to oblige!


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