Should I Lose Weight Before My Wedding?

This is a common question. Let’s start with the simple answer. You should focus on eating well and being active. If that leads to some needed weight loss, beautiful! If not, you’ll walk down the aisle healthier and more fit than you are today. Right Path Fitness has some guidelines as you begin your healthy journey.

Look For Opportunities to Add Physical Activity

Joining a gym is a wonderful idea. For some, it’s just not feasible. Others want an additional jolt of fitness. The best way to do this is to find ways to add physical activity to your daily activities.

You can take the stairs whenever possible. Try walking instead of driving or using public transit. If you do take public transit, get off a stop or two early so you can walk a bit. Do ten sit ups in the morning before you get out of bed.

Sign Up For a Fitness Class With a Friend

Take your pick! Aerobics, jazz, kickboxing, yoga, and other classes are even more enjoyable when you bring along a friend. Even better, you can encourage and motivate one another to keep going when the other wants to be a slug. Go for it! Make a commitment to have fun and get in shape.

Meal Prep to Eat Healthier in a Rush

After cravings, the biggest barrier to eating healthy is time. We’ve all relied on shop bought fish fingers, Nandos, and other treats. These are delicious, but they aren’t always healthy. At least they aren’t if you eat them on the regular.

Try prepping meals and snacks to make the convenient healthy. For example, you can make a large pot of lentil and vegetable stew at the beginning of the week. Then, store it in individual containers for your lunches. Chop up fresh vegetables for snacks and stir fries. Hard cook eggs for protein and satiety.

Join a Recreational Sports League

You don’t have to be athletic to join a sports league. You can play net ball, football, and other sports with people who match your ability level. This is a great way to combine camaraderie with athletic competition. Just make good decisions at the post game meet and greet at the pub.

Make Half Your Plate Produce

Whether you sit down with a scratch cooked meal, carryout, or reheat something from the store, give this a try. Make at least half of your plate produce. Add some spinach to your scramble. Make a quick salad. Toss some fresh or frozen fruit onto your plate.

Focus on fit and healthy. This will help you meet your wedding goals.