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Groomsmen Suits: Must They Match? Advice Please

My Fiance is very naive to the appropriate attire for the wedding party. The bridesmaids have their dresses & the groomsmen are acquiring theirs. The groom is wearing a navy suit, blue shirt & blue/red tie. He purchased the best man a black suit, off white shit & yellow tie. I think that the groomsmen need to wear the same suits as the groom, but they can have different color shirts & ties. Am I wrong?

Can the groomsmen show up in whatever color suit & tie they desire? The wedding is an outdoor Mountain Top wedding. me: Chantilly lace antique looking custom dress, bridesmaids & maid of Honor in Wild Plum (jcrew).

Please send advice.

Joyce C Smith, MBC, President and owner of Weddings Unlimited

Appears to be a lot of color going on with the wedding party. I do agree that the guys should be more coordinated in their suit choice. All blue or all black would be my advice. The groom could wear a tie that matches the primary color of the wedding and the groomsmen might go with the secondary color. If the wedding is during the day; another color choice for the guys’ suits would be tan. How awesome would that be with your antique lace dress! See also How Matchy-Matchy Should the Groom & Groomsmen Really Be?

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Emmanuela Stanislaus, Precious Occasions, Wedding and Event Planner

Hello Shannon. The suits should definitely be the same color. You can have different color ties or even shirts if you wish but the suits should be uniform.

Hope this helps.

Darlene Taylor, PBC

I am reminded of the “Father of the Bride” movie where Steve Martin, trying to save a little money, gets an Armani knock-off suit and it’s not quite the same shade of black as the rest of the men. Everyone was commenting on his “blue” suit. LOL

I’m with the other ladies here: there should be a sense of unity in your attire and colors. Guys should definitely be in the same color. And if then want to differentiate in color, vary the groom’s tie and your best man’s tie to be slightly different than the rest of the men. However, the job of getting the gentlemen dressed to the nines is all his. How involved you become is up to you. I say leave them to their own devices, but lend them a discerning eye when it comes to matching colors and choosing styles. BTW, I love the suggestion of tan!

Best Wishes!

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Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

I agree. Great advice!

Donna, Wedding Queen

I was thinking the same thing. father of the Bride (the origial) is one of my favs. Definitely rent it for a much needed laugh during the stressful wedding planning spots.