Three Stone Engagement Ring. Do I Need A Separate Wedding Band?

Do I Need a Wedding Ring?

My fiance gave me an incredible three stone (past, present, future) ring as an engagement ring. It’s substantial; the centerstone is a round, 3/4 carat natural yellow diamond flanked by two round diamonds, 3/8 of a carat each. The ring is white gold and but the center stone is mounted in yellow gold to enhance the diamond’s color. I joke that I have farm girl hands—my fingers are short and stubby and my hands are fairly broad—so delicate or fussy rings don’t look good on me.

My question is: my jeweler told me that it’s becoming a trend to wear only one ring, generally the engagement ring, and that it’s not necessary to have a wedding band especially if the engagement ring is elaborate. I don’t want to make the mistake of guilding the lily or of taking away from the beauty of this ring but I want to make sure I do what’s considered to be “right”. My fiance’s band, which I have already purchased, is white gold with seven channel-set diamonds. He wants our rings to match and, while not identical, his band and my ring go well together. I’m just concerned that adding a wedding band to the three-stone ring might be too much for my finger and that it might be too much “bling” for me to handle. I was considering a channel-set band with a small indentation that would accomodate the center diamond of my engagement ring but I’m not sure about how I’d like the look in the long run. It seems a little fussy to me.

BTW, we are in our mid-forties and this is a second marriage for both of us. Ironically, my first husband did not get me an engagement ring and my fiance’s first wife did not want one. In that respect, we’re both newbies at this.

Etiquette Now

I’m not sure about the ‘one ring’ trend, except that more women seem to be wearing a combination engagement/wedding ring. But, the engagement ring is the optional ring. The wedding ring is ‘the’ ring. So, you could use your engagement ring as a wedding ring if you wish. You shouldn’t wear it until the wedding though. That may be a good choice for you.

Reader Response

I went to the jewelry store today and tried on a couple of bands. For the most part, they just don’t look right. The channel set bands are out…they look completely wrong. There was a nice prong-set ring but it looked a little too fussy. I also tried on a plain band, one that could be fit to follow my engagement ring but they’d need to have my engagement ring for about a month to create the wax wedding band and get that going. Frankly, if my fiance’s going to spend an additional $400-$600 on that, I’d just as soon he got me a different piece of jewelry instead and let the three stone ring be the whole deal.

It might not be appropriate for me to wear this ring if it will serve as both my engagement and wedding ring but I am wearing it and enjoying it now. As I see it, we were became committed when he proposed.

Might have that hassle out of the way. whe

Wedding Queen

Of course, you can choose to use the ring, or not, as you see fit. However, traditionally the wedding band is saved to be used during the ceremony for the first time (as per etiquette). It kinda blows the tradition and the specialness of the ring exchange if you’re already wearing the ring though (just my opinion).

I Love My Engagement Ring! Do I Need a Wedding Ring, Too?

I love the engagement ring. Do I have to get a wedding ring too or can I just wear only my engagement ring after I’m married?

The Wedding Expert

Instead of a separate engagement ring and wedding ring, many couples these days are deciding to get one ring each. Just having an engagement ring is more comfortable than a stacked band and engagement ring. It is also way cheaper. Ignore what people say and do what you are most comfortable with. All that really matters is that your engagement ring is one you love and will be happy wearing all the time and if choose to only wear that, there is nothing wrong with that. And if you’re enamored of your engagement ring on its own but still want a wedding ring, consider wearing them on separate ring fingers.

Do I Really Need to Have a Wedding Band to Go With My Ring?

So my fiance got me an amazing engagement ring. I love it. However, because of the cut I don’t think it would look good with a wedding band. My question is do I really need a wedding band?  Is it going to take away from the ceremony or special moment of not exchanging bands?

Bridal Expert

You need to exchange rings during the ceremony. There is no rule that says you can’t use your engagement ring for that. My engaement ring doesn’t have a band to match it either so that’s what I did. It isn’t just me either.

Wedding Queen

Not sure I agree with Bridal Expert. My sister doesn’t have a wedding band – she just wears her engagement ring – and honestly it looks like she is just engaged. People ask me about it all the time. I have seen people that don’t wear their engagement rings on their left hand – just the wedding band, and I think that is what I do if I were in your situation. Get a wedding band to wear on my left hand and wear the engagement ring on my right.

Bride Next Door

If you don’t want to wear a wedding band then don’t waste time and money, do what you want. Youd can definitely use your engagement ring during the cermeony.