Tricks for organizing your wedding

When it comes to decorations you can adorn the table accordingly to the way in which you’ve applied for the colors applied for the chairs and the table covers. Also, you can add certain details and elements that are inspired from three different currents like cubism, futurism or minimalism. Don’t get avoid using abstractions, geometrical shapes and perfect shapes.

Here are some suggestions: elements that suggest small trees, of small size and in order not to spoil all the attention towards the table you can apply for baskets that are adorned with transparent fabrics, white balls that are spread here and there, elements with aluminum or a support for candles or flowers.

Wrap the napkins in different styles, you can find numerous ideas most of all in the origami art, which involves wrapping the papers in the most unusual and interesting ways. You don’t have to apply for something too elaborates, but a special napkin placed on or next to the plate will contribute to realizing a décor with a modern and avant- gardist manner.

Express yourself in a very direct manner through making your wedding favors handmade and this gesture will definitely be appreciated by the guests. All that you need are white ribbons or metallic folium for wrapping. Similar to the folium in which the chocolate tablets are wrapped this one is going to suggest spontaneity and disposition of living the moment and the effort made in order to create something unique for every guest.

The wedding favors in general can be found under the format of a candy or something sweet like cookies or chocolate. In order to obtain something special, accordingly to the specific of the wedding you can include even lollipops in shape of hearts, circles or even little snails. Everybody is going to appreciate the idea, the way these look and their flavor.

In order to make your wedding look interesting you can apply for an ensemble that of components that are transparent, easy and they’re suspended as well. The easiest way of using balloons, of which presence has been abused in the best, but that has appeared in foreground.

Now there are often used especially in the non color variant and they’re disposed under the formats of arrangements then filled with helium and placed here and there. Balloons can be placed in a bouquet that has maximum ten or fifteen pieces; they’re all wrapped around with a ribbon and placed in the salon. In this manner, they’re going to suggest flowing, and their movement can be hardly observed and in this manner there can be obtained the impression of flying.