Q: Can I Have My Wedding Ceremony Before I Get My Marriage License?

Of course! Licenses make the marriage legal, however it is not necessary to get your license before you have your big day. Plan your wedding and enjoy a wonderful day of love, family, and friends—just keep in mind the marriage will not be officially legal until you obtain said license.

The only time you will experience problems with having the wedding before getting the license is when your ceremony is of the religious variety. Most spiritual leaders will insist you do the license thing before you do the marriage thing. If your wedding is secular, this is not a problem. Get married however and wherever you want and worry about the legal aspect later.

Many couples say vows to each other or hold wedding ceremonies without ever getting a marriage license. It is a matter of personal preference that offers both pros and cons…simply decide what works best for you and your future with your special someone. You can always get your marriage license, even if you have been married for years! Whatever you decide, do not stress about it—your wedding is about celebrating your love, not legal logistics.