The Gilded Glamour Guide: 5 Tips for Preparing a Luxurious Wedding to Remember

Despite the months (often years) of careful planning which go into most weddings, nobody really wants to spend the big day worrying about money. In fact, most couples just want a guarantee that their big day is going to be memorable and that everything afterwards will be plain sailing too.

The best way to achieve this is a clever combination of luxury and design smarts, especially if you are working with a tight budget. It is more than possible to throw the wedding of your dreams and still have a satisfying amount of cash left over for the honeymoon. All you have to do is unleash your creativity and think big.

Keep reading for some great ways to up the luxury at your wedding without also tripling the price tag.

Hire a Photo Booth

While most couples are always going to have a professional photographer cover the ceremony, there is no reason why you cannot switch it up a little at the reception. Hiring a photo booth for your event is one way to put a new spin on the evening snaps. It is fun, quirky, and guaranteed to get guests talking. Plus, they can take their photos home and keep them as mementos of the wedding.

Keep It Intimate

Limiting the ceremony guest list to a small number of people allows you to look at a broader range of venue options. For instance, there are private estates and sprawling vacation properties which are rented out for special events. If you are catering to fewer guests during the daytime, you can afford to splurge elsewhere. Besides, it is always worth checking the cost of privately owned venues, but many are cheaper than you might think.

Create Vintage Centerpieces

The trend for mismatched, vintage centerpieces is huge right now.

It is a popular choice for celebrity weddings, and you can recreate the look on a budget. The trick is to pick unusual items, but don’t get too hung up on whether they match or not. For instance, rustic and retro-themed events have used everything from wellington boots to jam jars, wicker baskets, tea caddies, and garden planters are table toppers.

Build Your Own Cake

Lots of couples are choosing to forgo traditional wedding cakes as well.

In fact, it is becoming rather old fashioned to have a fruit cake covered in icing, as has been traditional. Instead, get a little playful. Ask your cake maker to build you a beautiful creation out of cupcakes or mini desserts. It is an easy way to save money, and it is a lot more creative than a typical white wedding cake. You do not have to compromise on luxury; your cupcake tower can be as tall and proud as you dare make it.

Skimp On the Cocktails

One area which you are advised to skimp on is cocktails.

Lots of couples spend massive amounts on cocktail waiters and supplies, because they assume that guests expect it. In reality, most are happy to drink beer or wine. You can always serve one or two signature cocktails if you know that some guests will miss them. Ultimately, you can only give people so much choice anyway. It is sensible to keep a tight hold on drinks costs because they can spiral fast.

Why Luxury Weddings Are a State of Mind

The thing to remember when planning your big day is that atmosphere counts for more than all the fancy trinkets, expensive cocktails, and lavish décor combined. If your guests are not having fun, it does not matter how much you have spent. So, make luxury a state of mind and inject some serious creativity and passion into your wedding day.