Mistakes in the wedding day

No matter if you like it or not, there are some things that you really need to do in your wedding day. Some are linked to traditions, from the desire of your parents or the preferences that you exposed throughout the years and that you can’t escape of.

But, as there are many things that you have to make, there are a series of actions that you have to avoid at all cost. This is if you want to have a wedding without events and hurt feelings.

We’ve made a list of the most important things that you’re going to do and there are also some methods in which you have to avoid them….

You’re a sociable person and after a cocktail or two you’re full of life, more than necessary? You’d better stay away and not tell a thing that can be understood as inappropriate.

You don’t want to annoy the groom even in the big night; you know that the stress of preparing the wedding can be transformed in any minor gesture into a big drama.

Pay attention and eat before tasting the wine and champagne. Under the influence of emotion and stress, the alcohol is going to make its effect sooner than you’re going to think.

And as you don’t want to be a cheerful bride you’d better stay as far away from the waiters as you can- you don’t want to be spoiled with different types of drinks, nor would you?

Try to overpass emotions and be as serene and cheerful in your wedding day as you can. We know that you’re going to spread some tears and that you’re going to shiver when you’re going to say “yes”, but you don’t have to look as if you were brought at the altar even if you didn’t want to….

We know that you want to make the things in such a manner that you please everybody, but it’s not indicated to invite people and persons that you don’t like or that confer you a discomfort state.

For having an unforgettable wedding you’re going to need guests that are unforgettable as well and make the possible to avoid including on your list unpleasant people….

Maybe you like using a professional language or a language that you and your lover consider funny, but the day of your wedding you have to keep everything in place….

We think that you don’t want to recall in years that you had language tripping when you view the movies from the big day.

If you’re a part of the club of clumsy women then we’re going to understand you and we’re going to be besides you as much as we can. No one is a master when it comes to being elegant in the big day, but you’re sure going to observe some efforts.