Using Airbrush Makeup For Wedding


Airbrush Makeup For Wedding

Question: I recently had a make up trial. The people who did it used airbrush make up and say that its much better for all these reasons like, it won’t feel caked on, it will last the whole day, tear proof etc, etc. At the trial, she did my make up first and then my hair. By 4:00 in the afternoon I noticed my blush (which was airbrushed on) was coming off – not just fading off but almost peeling off. I told the lady who did it and told her that maybe conventional make up would suit my skin better.

She assured me that it must have happened when the hairspary was sprayed on my hair. That it must have gone onto my make up and therefore, over time has made the blush come off. And she assured me that it would be ok on the day if we did my hair first and then the make up. What are your experiences with airbrush make up and what would you recommend?

Michelle Larner, Professional NYC Makeup Artist: There are two types of foundation that are used in the airbrush machine. One is water based ,the other is silicone. Sounds like she used silicone. I have only worked with water based myself, and I only used it for the foundation, not for any other area (such as blush or eyeshadow) for the reason that I dont like to layer wet on top of wet.

Maybe if you are happy with your airbush foundation, still use it, but switch to a non airbrush blush, powder or cream. I like the Bobbi Brown Cream blushes. Powder Pink is a great shade for everyone. Again, I dont know if this is compatible with silicone makeup, if thats what she used. Or it was a case of not letting the foundation set, before she sprayed on the blush and they dried together in a thick layer. Kind of like putting on too much nail polish and its too thick.

Also, if you havent exfoliated recently, might be an issue of dry skin buildup, especially if you are using acne treatment products or Retin-A. Try using the St. Ives apricot scrub, gentle formula. Available in drugstores, about $4.

Irina Feygin, IMpeccable iMage, Inc. Image and Beauty and For Princess Bride: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Your last sentence summarizes it all, and you are absolutely right here! While airbrush makeup can help in some instances (see below), as a makeup expert, I prefer to use traditional makeup exclusively, as opposed to airbrush. Here is why: traditional makeup will allow your skin to breathe. It will feel and look natural. There will be no breakouts the next day. It will stay on for up to 12 hours: all you have to do is spray your face with Model in a Bottle makeup setting spray and your makeup will stay put until you take it off.

Peeling of the foundation or blush in this situation is totally unheard of, even if some hair spray gets on the skin accidentally. However, there are instances when airbrush makeup is necessary: when there is a severe skin defects, severe discolorations or scars. While it can all be camouflaged with traditional makeup, there is no doubts that airbrush makeup will provide 100% coverage.

What to do in your particular case?

  • Hair should be absolutely done first, then makeup. It’s a golden rule of bridal beauty
  • Go ahead and demand traditional makeup application the day of the wedding. You cannot risk your makeup peeling off on your big day. Reasons: we don’t know exactly WHAT caused the blush to peel off. It MIGHT BE caused by the hair spray, but it is JUST AN ASSUMPTION. You cannot be sure of that. Maybe it’s the chemical balance of your skin that rejects the product (each person has her individual chemical balance).
  • Since you were overall happy with the style of makeup application and obviously your makeup artist can do the job, she will be able to do it with traditional foundation and blush as well. This way, you can be assured that your makeup will stay put and won’t go off
  • If you are still concerned about how it is going to look without a trial, you can purchase your own foundation, translucent powder and blush. Have a sales person at the department store counter apply these products. See how they will hold over the course of the day. If one particular brand doesn’t hold, return the products and check out the other brand. Have your makeup artist use YOUR OWN products the day of the wedding to ensure “longevity” of your makeup.

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Airbrush Wedding Makeup: What You Need to Know

Not sure if airbrush makeup is the way to go for your wedding day? Here are some common questions on the subject that may help you decide:

  • Why is airbrush makeup so popular with brides? The airbrush makeup trend started in Hollywood mainly because it lasted most of hte day and had an amazing finish. Brides need makeup that can handle a long wedding day, with photos, ceremony, dancing and more, so it isn’t surprising that this trend made its way down to brides.
  • What are the benefits of airbrush makeupvs traditional approach? It stays awesome way longer. Airbrush makeup lasts 9-12 hours in any weather condition and under more stresses of a wedding day. It’s also water-resistant and won’t rub off.
  • What skin type does airbrushing work best for? The beauty of airbrush is that it works for everyone, even people with sensitive skin. Clients with allergies will benefit from the water-based makeup formulas, and the air compressor is one of the most hygenic ways to distribute foundation.
airbrush wedding makeup
  • How long does it take to apply airbrush makeup? The application process is quick! Only about 45 seconds to a minute. That is way quicker than any traditional application approach.
  • Should a bride schedule a trial-run? Absolutely. Not only is a trial the best way to get to know your artist it is essential in determining your personal look for the day.
  • Which season would you recommend airbrush makeup for? It’s beautiful for any season, but summer brides will benefit the most.