Important things about your registration list

Everybody knows that the wedding guests must offer some wedding presents to the happy couple, that would help them have a good start in their new life. However, since these gifts could be tricky the bride and the groom are advised to make a list in which they should register the places where their gifts should be from.

First of all you should know that you shan’t register too many places, because otherwise people could get confused. Therefore, have only two or three places registered and thus your guests will have a wide range of places from where to choose the ideal gifts.

Also, you should know that the appropriate gifts that your friends and family should purchase for you are table wear or linens. Thus, it won’t get too personal, it will be useful and at the same time it won’t be very pricey.

However, if you don’t need anything else for your house, you could register for some stores where people could find beauty care product for the bride and clothing items for the groom. Thus, you will have new and high quality products for your skin and makeup, whereas your groom will get some new things for his wardrobe. Still, if you don’t need anything, a good and kind thing would be to make some donations. In this way, you will start your marriage with some good deeds.

Also, you should know that you mustn’t list where you are registering on your wedding invitations. This is considered a rude thing to do, therefore you should just spread the word among your closest friends and family and thus the other guests will find out too. Or, you could mention this information on your shower invitations.

And, regarding the money issue, you should know that as a rule the price of your gifts should be ranged between $25 and $400. Therefore, if you will invite rich people at your wedding, you should register for expensive and elegant gifts. However if the majority of your wedding attendants, is composed of students or people with a limited budget, then your gifts should be affordable, yet practical.

So, you would better check your favourite stores out, in order to register for the items you need and whish for.