Hottest Trends Of Wedding Makeup To Rise In 2017

So you have almost done all of the preparations for the Big Day. The photographer is hired, wedding decorations are set, the florists are all assigned with tasks. Everything seems peach perfect. Everything but one tiny little element most ladies tend to forget about until it’s too late – the bride’s makeup.

This is so funny because the bride is the only person to really care about how the wedding hall looks like while everyone else came to see the bride.

Ladies are just too used to taking care of themselves on their own to consider that a Big Day like a wedding requires and exquisite touch in every slight detail. Makeup artist included.

Trendy looks

Wouldn’t it be nice to look like the girl from a wedding magazine cover? Everything’s possible with a good makeup artist who knows exactly which trends to follow in 2017. Professionals, after all, know how to get your look done in terms of lashes, highlighters, hair accessories among many other things.

Pink eyeshadow

This trend will be hot during the colder months of winter and it may as well be successful enough to last throughout the entirety of 2017. Lids and lips are to match for a stunning, natural look on wedding photos. Do note however to attract attention to your eyebrows with glowy complexion to make the face look like a completed work of art.

The crown of flowers

What else can one say? Girls like ‘em flowers everywhere and, is there really a better way to show who’s the real queen of spring 2017? Flowers don’t mean, however large peddles or even real greens. Gems, noble metal and pearls should do the trick just fine as long as they are tiny and petite.

The cat-eye princess

This classic glamour trick with a pinch of modernism works real magic on weddings. Use red lipstick with slightly orange undertones for a more natural vibe. Matte sticks are fine but semi-matte should offer better results. Finish the look with a cat-eye flick and enjoy the envious looks on the faces of brides of honor. You are the real princess tonight!

There’s never too much!

This honorary contestant of our lists is not a new trend, it’s just the one that does not loose popularity over time. The boho is going to stick with us for at least a year. There are improvements however – even more volume! Looking like a mermaid can be really cool especially if paired with the previous crown trend. Just ensure the diadem is sea-themed.


Now you know about the best wedding looks to rock in 2017! Which one’s your choice? Share your thoughts in the comments!