6 Ingredients For a One-of-a-Kind Wedding

A wedding is a special moment for you and your partner but you can make it special for your guests too! Share the joy with every person who matters to you by making it a fun and memorable event for them as well.

Here are 6 essential ingredients to make your big day one of a kind:

1. Upgrade those wedding pamphlets!

To be honest, guests rarely read wedding pamphlets or programs. And if they do, it’s usually to check when the party or dinner starts.

If you want them to read your carefully drafted program, be creative with your presentation and fill it with engaging content. Turn your program into a story book so unknowing guests will know how your perfect match came to be. Add a caricature of the wedding party for guests to know who is who. Instead of writing it down and wasting quality paper, have an artist scribble down the program on a large chalkboard sign.

2. Use advice cards instead of guest books.

Level-up your guest book by turning it into an advice column. This is a great way to hear your guests’ thoughts and not be bombarded with the usual congratulations. Ask them questions like What do you as a couple on Friday nights?” or “What’s a fail-proof way to make her blush?” and “What’s a surefire way to make him do the chores?” Who knows? You might get actual great advice or better, a funny anecdote!

3. Add a kiddie corner.

Kids are hard to keep still, especially during grown-up events like weddings. They’re bound to not like whatever the grown-ups are doing, so add in a few toys or games to keep them smiling all throughout. Reserve a corner for them to play around in and assign a grown-up every hour to keep watch. As long as they’re happy, they’re parents are relaxed and can enjoy their time as well.

4. Give out fun yet practical party favors

Wedding party favors doesn’t have to be boring or simply ornamental. You can opt for gifts that will add another level of fun to the party. Think confetti guns, bubble blowers and noisemakers. Don’t forget to give your bridesmaids and groomsmen personalized gifts as a “thank you” for their time and effort.

5. Think of a crazy cake design that goes with your theme.

Almost everyone looks forward to eating cake at a wedding. Aside from tasting good, make sure it’s a showstopper. For travel, vintage or Hollywood themes, you can have a Titanic cake with Jack and Rose at the helm of the ship as a topper. Too cliché? How about Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

6. Formally close the event with a killer exit.

Forget the Volkswagen beetle with tied-up tin cans! Make a grand exit by booking a Volkswagen bus and driving off on your road trip honeymoon. If you’re not up for a honeymoon on a campervan, you’ll still have room to stretch your feet and lounge after a night of partying.

The most important thing guests should remember is how much you made them feel special. After all, weddings are for sharing the joy with every person who matters to you.