Weddings and money

Think that this economical crisis hasn’t affected the brides and grooms and you’re wrong! One of them have ended up asking themselves if it’s the right moment to get married or if they should wait.

If you’re between those people that think that it’s not going to be advantageous at all to spend in this period, here are some motifs for which you should postpone the wedding with the loved person….

The good news is that the most important parts of the wedding are the less expensive. The secret of a stylish wedding is a religious and memorable ceremony and some “fireworks” for the wedding reception. If the gowns of the bride and groom are implacable and the rest of the decor is simple, neat and with a modern air, the guests are going to recall the event as being an elegant one and with good taste. So, even with a reduced budget you can have a successful wedding. What you’re waiting for?

wedidngs and money

The weddings offer hope and happiness, things that we need for real in moments in which the majority of the news is negative. It happens that more and more times the circles of close friends, the couples to follow the example of those that have made the first step and took the decision of getting married.
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The rest of your life shouldn’t evolve around the economical situation. In order that an economical recession takes place in a long period; it’s better to fight with the tempest in two than alone. The good part is that you’re going to pass over the bad stuff easier and that you’re going to expect the good things to happen.

wedidngs and money 2

If you legally get married, you can be the benefactor of tax payments and reductions to the health insurance. For those that want to move together after the wedding they have to take into account the fact that they have to pay less on rent and other utilities, because the sum is going to be spread into two.

Meanwhile some advance with wedding plans, others back down and postpone their wedding. This thins places them into a situation that is not that favorable in the places that are organizing such events. It’s the moment in which you can get advantage and renegotiate the price. Some can even offer you the option of paying in rates.

A good motif that maybe pushes you not to get married in periods of crisis….

No matter what, it’s not indicated to make a credit bank or to loan money in order to finance your own wedding. It can become a burden for the young couples, the last thing that they need when starting a new road. If the daily costs are a stress, you should take into account prolonging your engagement or postponing the wedding.