Her heart may be bigger than her bank account, and maybe she does cry too easily, but her fierce hunger to make the world a better place makes her different. She believes unwaveringly in the good and the beautiful. She sees possibility in everyone and vows to travel the world in her search for all things worth believing in. Barefoot, brave, and intuitive, she sets goals and keeps them—usually. Sometimes she’s too hard on herself, but she’s learning grace. She writes, she dreams, she gives. Her greatest aim is to inspire.

The idealist loves harmony, beauty, and whimsy. Is this you? Your wedding will most likely be full of light—string lights, sparklers, glitter, and gold. It’s your day; make it as beautiful as you like. Glass, fresh fruit, greenery, pieces collected during your travels? You love so many things, you might find it difficult to narrow down your choices—so don’t! Who says you can’t have twenty varieties of flowers? Or simply wildflowers? Heavy, glamorous makeup not really your thing? Go for a dewy look instead to reflect your spirited outlook on life, choosing creams and lip stains instead of powders. Wear colorful, statement jewelry, let your hair down, and nix the shoes. Remember, don’t worry about what you think you should do. It’s your day, your dream.

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