5 Steps to Planning a Perfect Hen Do



How to Plan The Perfect Hen Do

Planning a hen do can be a lot of work, as there are just so many things to get right and a badly planned hen party can make for a rather unhappy hen. If you’ve been asked to plan a hen do, fear not as it can also be a lot of fun too! There are thousands of ideas out there to give you inspiration for a hen party to remember, and of course you’ll want to make sure you tailor it to the bride to be’s personality and taste! With so much to plan, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you to put together the ultimate hen party that all girls dream of.

Planning Makes Perfect

As is the case with any successful event, planning and organisation are the best way to ensure you throw a perfect hen do. Don’t leave planning until last minute, things will inevitably go wrong (even things such as adverse weather conditions) and so it’s sensible that you leave yourself enough time to make sure you can fix them. Start small with tasks such as penning a guest list, then once you have an idea of numbers you can then work out a budget and find a location. Set a date as early as possible, to give the invitees plenty of notice to book time off work or to get a babysitter for the weekend. weddingpartyapp.com


Get Together a Guestlist

The guestlist is one of the main things that you simply must get right! Remember, the mutual friends that you and the bride have are not necessarily the only girls she might want at the event. There are always going to be school or college friends, childhood friends or family friends (to name a few) that the hen will likely want to invite that you may not know of and it’s important that you don’t miss anybody out – you wouldn’t want to unintentionally offend anybody after all. Work closely with the bride on this one, but remember, the more people you invite, the more people you have to accommodate in terms of food, drinks and activities. http://www.teaandtrim.com/

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Exciting Activities with a Personal Touch

Spend time ensuring you gage what type of activities the bride to be would like to do. This day is about her and so of course you must prioritise her and you should try to keep her in the loop as far as possible (without giving away any surprises of course). If your bride is a girly girl, then why not plan a boozy tea party and some shopping in the city?

If she is more of an adrenaline junky then plan an adventure weekend with plenty of outdoor activities. If you’re stuck for ideas or would rather avoid the stress of planning and have a package weekend put together for you, then companies such as The Stag and Hen Experience are a full of fantastic packages and ideas to help make it a fabulous weekend for all in attendance. Although the hen is your main priority, it’s worth considering the other girls on the guestlist, especially if you have any pregnant attendees, or anyone who is a wheelchair user as you don’t want anyone to feel left out.

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With a hen do there are just so many aspects to consider and everything costs money, from drinks to accommodation to day time activities. Unfortunately money is often a sore subject, as what may seem like a small amount of money to one person may be a week’s wage to another. As you don’t want anyone stressing or being upset over not being able to afford to attend the event, it is worth setting an affordable budget, something that everyone is likely to be able to afford with no hidden costs or extras cropping up at a later date. It’s also important that you receive all money upfront and keep track of who’s paid what to ensure you don’t end up covering the costs for other people later.

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Don’t Forget to have Fun!

After all the stress is over, it’s time for the party to commence and for you to let your hair down! You’ve earned it! Remember to take a camera to document the day (and night) and plenty of aspirin to help you tackle those headaches the day after too.

So there you have it, a few helpful tips to help make planning that hen party a whole lot simpler!