Wedding crashers

Whether you want to admit it or not the wedding crashers are most likely to be found in all weddings and they’re funny characters if we come to think of it they’re also a real problem if you don’t pay extreme attention to where they came from and if you don’t know them well you’re going to find yourself in a difficult situation.

It’s understandable that the couples are not going to remember all their relatives and that they’re not going to take them into account, even if they’ve been invited previously. A wedding crasher will pretend to be such a relative. They’re self aware of the fact that the bride and the groom won’t recall of all their relatives, even if they haven’t seen them for a long period of time.

Taking into account the fact that the workers of the hotel don’t know each other very well, this option is very plausible. They’re going to be rapid when it comes to taking a plate, being misunderstood with a waiter.

The most daring of them all can pretend that they’re the managers of the hotel or the salon. But they won’t stop here! The most adventurous of them can pretend that they’re part of the hired orchestra. They’re going to be exposed by the rest of the employers.

Some wedding crashers can pretend to be the best friends of a relative that couldn’t come….

This is the oldest trick, but the hardest to be exposed, because the crashers can be discovered only after the wedding has ended. It’s better to have in the wedding day an exact list of the guests and a phone number next to their names in order to see whether they’re the people you invited or not.

They’re not going to make personal commentaries and they won’t show their true personality. They’re going to comment on the food, music and the customs, but never about them. If they’re forced, they’re going to change quickly the topic and they’re going to find an excuse to get up from the table.

Don’t forget, as long as there are parties, there are always going to be uninvited guests.

How about that? Did you ever take into account things like these surrounding your wedding? Well, we’re certain that you didn’t and that you’re going to think with horror the day of your wedding and avoid uninvited guests that will definitely ruin your state….

So, in case wedding crashers do appear at your wedding make sure that you’re going to treat them calmly and that you’re going to avoid getting filled with nerves, because after all it’s your wedding day!