Helpful hints for the wedding day

In your wedding day you’re going to see lots of fuss and you’re gong to feel that your head is a mess as well…. These things can feel like pressure on your head and you might forget to take with you some details – indeed a funny situation, but really true!

As we offer you helping solutions as much as we can, we’re going to give you a kit with solutions and in this way you’re not going to forget taking the needed things with you.

In your wedding day you have to make sure that the wedding jewelry is in a handy spot. Believe us, you don’t want to run after the small details .

In addition, make sure that you have special wedding lingerie for the wedding night and it’s also prepared in due time. It’s preferable to place it in the luggage for the honeymoon.

What you need to make sure is at its place? The baby doll, the garter, the special leggings, the bra or the corset and the underwear.

The makeup cassette….

Even if you’re going to have a makeup artist that is going to get occupied of your makeup in your wedding day don’t forget to have at your hands the cassette with the appropriate tones.

It’s very probable that due to the heat, lack of attention to need an extra touch of makeup. Ask the bridesmaids to pay attention to these details and be helpful!

What you need in this case? Of course, you need makeup foundation, powder, eye color, gloss, body lotion, lipstick and perfume….

The sanitary kit!

Everything can happen in your wedding day, so make sure that one of your bridesmaids has in her purse some medicines, absorbents, wet napkins and any other useful details.

Also, don’t forget to include some adhesive and bandage – it can turn out to be useful as well! You can use these in case you have some problems with your shoes. It’s great to anticipate and not encounter problems, don’t you think so?

You need usual medicines and oxygenated water….

You also may need a hair kit!

Like in the case of makeup, even if you have the help of a specialist it’s indicated to have a first aid kit that can get you out of problems. The best thing is to invite your hairstylist at the wedding and you can change your hairstyle whenever it’s ruined.

You need some hairspray and hairpins as well as an iron or something similar to it.

The last thing that we need to mention about when it comes to helpful hints for the wedding day concerns traditions!

Do you want to respect a multitude of traditions ? Then make sure you’re prepared in due time, on the contrary you’re going to forget all about these traditions and you’re going to regret missing this moment.

Try an inventory of the basic things that you consider necessary to do in your wedding day and make sure you don’t forget them.