The wedding planning manual: Where to begin

Weddings are a beautiful moment in our lives, filled with love and joy. They are a day when two people who love each other pledge to continue to do so, surrounded by the love and with the support of their friends and family. For many people, their wedding day is something that they have been dreaming of for years – and they are ready for it. They may even have a binder full of ideas or a Pinterest board full of pins all ready to go and whip out for inspiration at a moment’s notice. For others though, your wedding may be a bit more of a daunting task and one that you might need a bit of help with. I know when I got married I was struggling for a while between waterfront venues in Melbourne (and eventually ended up enlisting the help of a much more event-savvy friend of mine) but by the time my wedding rolled around, I was totally on top of everything. After all, now that you’re engaged, you and your beloved have to decide on lots of things and it can be a lot of information to have to take in, and a lot of planning. That’s why I have decided to share this list of the things you need to plan for with your wedding, and where to begin with it all.

Nine months before

Kick things off the super-organised way with a wedding binder or folder. Some brides and grooms like to create a mood board to organise their thoughts, and now is the time that you should also be looking through bridal, fashion and lifestyle magazines to begin to get a feel for how you want your wedding to look. These magazines are going to be your inspiration, as well as anything you find online or on Instagram. You can also work out your budget here as well, because the overall look and feel of your wedding is going to be dependant on how much you’re able to spend. Speak to your family and work out who is going to be able to contribute, and how much they’re going to be able to contribute (for example, is anyone really good with flower arranging, or is someone willing to commit to making the wedding cake?). Also, choose your wedding party here, because as soon as you’re engaged people are going to start wondering who is going to be involved in the bridal party. Reserve your date and venue here as well.

Eight Months Before

If you’re after a photographer or a videographer, now is the time to lock them in for your venue. You don’t need to get all the specifics nailed down now, but make sure that the style for the photos and the video is what you’re after. Sort out your entertainment, meet with some caters and purchase your dress! You need at least three fittings for this garment to make sure it fits you like a glove. Sort out a wedding website and then send out a save the date invitation to your guests.

Seven to Six Months Before

Begin planning your honeymoon, and make sure that your passports are up to date if needed. Get your invitations sorted out and begin to figure out the design. Begin to organise your bridal party and purchase the bridesmaid’s dresses. Get your celebrant or officiant organised and meet with them to confirm your vows and how the ceremony will run.

Five to Four Months Before

If you’re planning on having a post-nuptials brunch, then book that in now to avoid missing out on the place you want. Check on the invitations and get them sent out if they’re ready to go. Buy your wedding shoes, start the fittings, and make sure you bring your shoes to the fittings.

Three Months Before

Finalize the menu that you’re going for and the flowers. Buy the rings, get them engraved if you wish.

One Month Before

Sort out your RSVPs, stock the bar, confirm all the times for hair and makeup, assign seating and establish a seating plan. Amidst all your planning, don’t forget to buy your bridesmaid’s a gift as a token of your appreciation.

All that’s left to do now is to get ready and enjoy yourself – so happy planning and happy wedding day!