Tips for Throwing an Amazing Wedding

Getting married is one of the most exciting yet stressful times in a person’s life, especially if you’re planning to have a wedding. When planning a wedding you want to be sure you get all the details right so you and your new spouse can enjoy your special day with your loved ones. With so many details to remember it can be overwhelming at times and you may worry that your wedding will be a disaster. However, if you’re prepared and have a well thought out plan, your wedding can be an event to remember for you and your guests. Here are some tips to help you throw an amazing wedding that guests will be talking about long after the bouquet is tossed.

The occurrence of a wedding simply means that there is a celebration of love and union between two individuals that are deeply into each other. But, behind every wedding is the major goal to leave guests talking about the event for years after. It’s time to make your wedding unique and surpass every other that your guests have attended.

Here are the tips for throwing an amazing wedding:

Keep the moment short and interesting

Most individuals often make the mistake of introducing long toasts. Now, the fact that the time is long, means that it will surely get to a point where the whole thing becomes boring. Keep a minimum number of toasts and choose important individuals in your life telling them to keep it brief and interesting.

Avoid a long guest list (if on a wedding budget)

Often, it is better to choose quality over quantity. Of course! There are tonnes of families and friends from every angle waiting to get an invitation to your wedding, and unless you are financially buoyant, you might need to take a look at this. You should not forget that the higher the guests present, the more you have to put in to satisfy every one of them. It is very great to keep the list short and throw a more luxurious wedding rather than the reverse.

Grab your guests with surprises

Your wedding is not the first to be attended by your guests, and will not be the last either.  So, it is would be very cool if you grab them with events they do not see coming. As usual, they would expect the normal wedding program and might even be willing to predict it to the end, but the one of the best thing you can do is include a program or surprise they would never see coming. This surprise might come during the reception or cocktail hour but whichever way, ensure you leave them with the best surprise they could talk about for years to come.

Song request through invitation response

Since the choice of music can never be the same to every single one of your guest, you should allow for song request through invitation response by the guests and make them available to the Dj with every guest’s name attached to his/her song request.

Organize a long after-party

We can think of an after-party as still under the wedding agenda. Guest want to keep the party going. It can be formal, lively and full of fun and it can be done right there in the comfort of your home or bar without any charges to the bill. Or, simply arrange transportation to a bar and don’t expect to pay the tab. 

Cater to your guests

When you’re planning a wedding, you want to be sure you cater to your guests’ needs—literally. These days, many people have different diet restrictions that you may want to consider when you plan your wedding menu. Nothing is worse for a guest than paying money to buy you a nice gift, taking the time to get ready and block off their day for your wedding only to find there’s nothing they can eat at the event because of a dietary restriction. If you aren’t sure if there are any restrictions among your guests, include a question about dietary restrictions in your wedding invite. That way you can work with your caterer ahead of time to meet everyone’s needs and ensure all your guests are happy and well fed the day of the event.

Get guests moving

One common thread between wedding guests and a good time is great music. You should plan to have a good playlist to get people on the dance floor as soon as possible so they’ll have a great time. Hire a Wedding DJ who can offer you an eclectic mix that will appease all guests.

Add a wow factor

You want to leave your guests with a lasting impression which is why you should consider having a wow factor.  Whether it’s special entertainment, fireworks, or special late night snack, finding something that your guests will love is a great way to commemorate your event.

Your wedding day is an important day which is why you want to remember the small details to make it extra special. Remember that the most important thing is starting a life with your new spouse and everything else should fall into place.