Themed Drinks For Western Wedding

Drink Ideas for Western or Country Weddings

We are having a western themed reception and would like to “name” some drinks to go with the theme. Any ideas?

Donna, Wedding Queen

Oooh, sounds like a hoot! Here are a few ideas…

Cowboy Cocktail
Cactus Cooler
Bandana Banger
One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor
Six Shooter
Horseshoe Hooter

Serve these cool cocktails in interesting western themed glassware like mason jars. Find more western wedding themed items here. Have fun.

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Michelle Larner, Professional NYC Makeup Artist

Sounds like a great idea! Very spirited and original!

However, you could name the drinks, but how will the guests know what they are ordering at the bar? They will probably ask the barteneder to describe each and every drink, whats in them, etc. Maybe something visible for the guests to read and decide, If you prefer to name them yourself?

What if you went to a resturant with cuisine from the same region, mexican, tex-mex, etc. And see what their menu has, and copy the names from there?

Texas Two step, Sunset Slammers, Western Whistle?? Sounds cute anyway you look at it! I like the idea with the coordinating glasses for the added tie in, try Fish & Eddys, a great source for unusual and unique glassware.

Have fun!

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