6 Cost Saving Tips for Wedding Rentals

A lot of time and money goes into a wedding and many cost conscious couples are eager to find ways to save dollars. Here are six suggestions on how to save money on wedding rentals.

1. Comparison Shop Rental Companies

Depending on where you’re getting married you might have two or two dozen wedding rental providers to select from. Although it’s time consuming, it often pays to do some research, find out what supplies each of them has and what they charge. If you find one rental provider has all, or most, of the items you want, but there are a few items they charge more for than a competitor, ask why the price different and see if you can bargain. Be advised that tent rental costs vary largely due to age and upkeep of the tent. If one provider charges substantially less than a competitor for the same size tent it is most likely the tent is several years old and doesn’t look as nice as it used to.

2. Skip the Package Rental Deals

On the surface a package deal may sound like a good idea, and for a few wedding couples it is. Unfortunately, if you have fewer guests than the package includes you still have to pay for the extra place settings – that’s why it’s a package. In addition, as soon as you start asking for substitutions the rental provider is going to tack on the additional costs, which often makes the “deal” no longer much of a deal. You’ll save money by simply renting the items you need in the quantities you need.

3. Order a the Correct Size Wedding Tent

Ordering the right sized wedding tent is very important. If you get a wedding tent that is too big you end up overpaying for the tent and the event looks like some wedding guests did not show. Too small of a tent will cause people to be on top of each other and will likely leave early to escape the noise and over crowdedness. Take the time to talk with the event rental company—many offer free consults—and get their expert opinion. They will not try to over sell you, but rather will offer the best approaches to accommodate the number of guests and your other needs, such as dance floor, buffet tables or space for a band.

4. Reconsider Your Chair Needs

Another budget-conscious idea that will probably go unnoticed by guests is to skip pricier wood chairs and go with plastic chairs instead. If you have your heart set on wooden chairs then use them for guests and get the less expensive ones for non-guests, such as the band. In addition, if you are exchanging vows outside the reception tent do not order two sets of chairs. Either have guests carry their chairs or have a few friends (maybe your ushers) move all of the chairs before the reception.

5. Rethink Your Linens

Linens can be very expensive. Consider using shorter linens on your seating tables and full drop linens with a tablecloth instead of skirting on rectangular buffet, bar and gift tables. Skip the chair covers, which typically cost as much as the chair rentals themselves. And, if your wedding is casual, consider paper dinner napkins rather than cloth.

6. Avoid Replacement Costs

If you are renting linens, place something under the candles, so they don’t drip onto the linen and damage it. If you have guests that smoke ensure they have ash trays and avoid burn marks. Flowers and other items that are dyed can permanently stain linens. Let your tear-down crew know they should shake out all linens before putting them in designated bins or laundry bags. Paying replacement costs are very expensive.

Best of luck and I hope my tips help shave a few dollars off the cost of your wedding.

By: Nora Foster

Lakes Region Tent & Event is a tent and party rental provider located in central New Hampshire. Whether you’re hosting 50 or 500 guests, they offer a variety of tents, tables and chairs, tableware, linens, lighting and more to fit any wedding style, size and budget. They can be found at lakesregiontent.com.