How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

Your proposal is a moment you and your partner will remember forever, no matter how it goes down – which is why it’s a good idea to plan the moment carefully and account for all the small details. The little touches are what will be remembered most more than the grand gestures. With this mind, here are a few ways you can ensure that big moment goes smoothly, if you’re the one doing the proposing:

Public or Private

Some people love big displays of affection, where everyone in the nearby vicinity can see you and your partner and coo over your love for one another, whereas for others the thought of people watching them or witnessing such an intimate moment is terrifying. Work out what your partner would prefer before you plan anything – and if you can’t guess what they want, go on the safe side and opt for a private setting.

Choose the Right Ring

For some, the ring is the most important aspect of a proposal: it’s the takeaway item that you get to show off to family and friends and the physical representation of your promise to one another. This is why it’s a good idea to do your research to discover what your partner will like. Take a look at the jewellery they already wear and seek the advice of an expert such as Diamonds Factory advisors will guide you towards the right ring.

When you’re choosing the ring, try not to mix metals (unless they already wear a combination of silver, gold or rose gold jewellery). It’s a good idea to work out their ring size beforehand too so there are no awkward moments when they first put it onhere are some helpful tips on how to do this.

Pick a Special Location

It could be the first restaurant you had your first date in, the park you enjoy walking around together on a Sunday afternoon, or simply in the comfort of your living room. Choose somewhere you both love and that you’ll return to regularly to remember that special moment as a couple.

Get Family and Friends Involved

Whether it’s simply letting their parents in on the secret beforehand – and asking for their blessing if you’re a traditionalist – or arranging a big party afterwards to celebrate the news, get your families together soon after you’ve popped the question. Not only does this allow them to meet and mingle way before the big day, it’s also a great way of celebrating the moment and having everyone you love around you to share your excitement for the future.

Avoid Special Days

If your partner has an inkling a proposal is coming their way soon, try to make it a surprise by avoiding those big special days throughout the year – e.g. your anniversary, their birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas etc. You also want your engagement day to be yours, not shared with another holiday or special occasion. A true surprise is something every person being proposed to wants, so try to keep it a secret and ask that big question out of the blue!

Adopt all of these tips to ensure your proposal is perfect for you and your partner. Don’t compare your plans to what your friends have done or those viral videos you see being shared around Facebook. Your proposal needs to be special just for you and the one you love, so do whatever you know you’ll both love and feel comfortable with.