Bride Emergency

5 Essentials for the Day Of Emergency Kit: The Bride

No matter how much you plan and prepare for your wedding, you’re bound to encounter at least one small, minor snafu along the way. For me, it was completely out of my control, but my photographer never got a photo of our amazing groom’s cake. Thankfully, I asked friends to take detail pictures of the ceremony and reception, and I have, although a bit blurry, one full photo of my man’s “made for him” treat. The fact is you won’t have complete control over every detail and movement of your wedding day, but you can be ready to take action. And with these 5 essential pieces of your day of emergency kit, you’ll not only be the bride but the problem-solver of the celebration.

Bride Emergency

1. Mints, Mints, Mints: Nix the gum, a bride chewing on a slab of, well plastic, isn’t the most attractive or sophisticated of looks. Instead opt for a small tin of mints to hideaway in your clutch. You’ll be talking (and kissing your groom) to a lot of people throughout the night and you don’t want to be the bride with questionable breath. Grab a tin for all your gal pals too as they’ll need to help host the party and will need that same bit of freshness for themselves!

2. Band-Aids and/or Blister Block: Someone at your wedding will have sore feet and will develop blisters before the reception even begins. And that someone will probably be you, the bride. Whether Band-Aids or Blister Block works for you, it doesn’t matter, just make sure you have one to cover up those blisters and prevent them from even happening. You don’t want to go back to your honeymoon suite in pain from your killer heels!

3. Small Sewing Kit: I was in this wedding once, and no only did one of the buttons fall off the bride’s gown before the ceremony, but a crucial button fell off a bridesmaid too. A sewing kit was needing immediately or the bridesmaid’s dress would have literally just fallen off. Safety pins and a bit of string and a needle would and could be the biggest lifesaver of the party.

4. Spare Undies: Even if you’ve picked out the sexiest, most beautiful pair of silk panties to wear on the day you say, “I do,” make sure you have a back up pair to throw on just in case. You never know what can happen once you start dancing in that dress, or trying to use the restroom while you’re ladies are lifting your skirt far above your head. Trust me, you’ll thank us later.

5. Deodorant: When you go to freshen up during cocktail hour, you’ll more than likely, really want to freshen up. The nervous sweats can take all and any of us by complete surprise. So when you go to powder your nose, throw on a bit of BO killer and spritz yourself one last time with you wedding day perfume. It’s a quick way to feel refreshed and smelling good; you don’t want to be the smelly, sweaty bride do you?

Of course there are plenty of other items you can stow away in your emergency kit but we find these to be the 5 that can get you through the thick of it all. Start out with these items as your musts and go from there!









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