Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Blog

wedding website

wedding website

Newly engaged? You may find the whole wedding planning experience a bit overwhelming, especially if you are dreaming of something unique and original. Luckily, there are many cool methods for collecting and organizing wedding plans and communicating with family and friends about your experience. One good way is with a wedding blog! This online couples’ diary is a fantastic way to share your excitement about your upcoming wedding.

Besides being an online brag book, your wedding blog can do a few other things too. Get the most out of your blog by adding these features.

Pictures, pictures and more pictures! Whether your wedding page is for your personal wedding or a mere collection for some magical day in the future, you’ve got to have photos–and plenty of them. Brides, like yourself, don’t have a ton of time for heavy reading. You need pictures like snaps of the latest veil fashions you’re considering or pretty updos that would look good in spring.

A gift registry guide is a must-have. Before you ditch this idea, please consider including a gift registry guide on your wedding blog. For guests, it’s a time-saving feature that helps when you’re out shopping. Everyone knows the bride and groom are busy–make shopping easier with a section that tells guests where you’ve registered.

Share an online guest book. Your loved ones will want to be involved in the wedding. With an online guest book, guests can post comments about engagement photos, pictures from your showers and even your adventures dress shopping. It’s a fun way to keep everyone connected, even long distance family members right up until the day of your wedding.

Wondering where to get started? Try Weebly, the easiest way to build a beautiful looking website. We’re just brimming with bridal ideas!

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