When hiring a wedding caterer, a few things are very essential. First, you’ll want to ensure the amount on the catering proposal actually matches the final bill. It’s not uncommon for caterers to underestimate costs knowing they can add expenses when it’s too darn late for you to do anything.

Other must-dos when hiring a caterer is making certain they will be available for the entirety of your event. Having the caterer disappear halfway through your wedding…well it’s certainly not good news bears, is it? It’s also an excellent idea to have a tasting so you know what you and your guests will be enjoying at the reception. Make sure the food at the tasting is what will appear on dinner plates. You don’t want guests saying “The wedding was beautiful, but the food was abysmal.”

Finally, inquire how experienced the waitstaff is. Ask how long the server team has worked for the company, as many caterers scrape the bottom of the waiter barrel when they get really busy and need bodies to hand out pigs in a blanket. Be certain the waitstaff you’re getting at your wedding is top-notch and won’t spill soda on you or your guests.

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