save the date etiquette

Save The Date Card Etiquette

Save the Date Card Etiquette

Do we have to send a save-the-date card?

A save-the-date is an expected courtesy. You don’t have to send one if you don’t want to but it has become customary. Of course, if you’re planning a destination wedding or a wedding during busy travel times (school vacations), then it is almost certainly expected that you give people a heads up.

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When do you send a save the date?

You should send your save the date cards around six to eight months prior to the wedding. This gives your guests lots of time to book travel, organize themselves and lock it in.

Do we have to send them to everyone?

Yes, you should send them to everybody who is going to be invited to your wedding. Just to the people that you want to come to your wedding. Only send to those that you definitely want to attend. Once these are in the mail, there’s really no turning back.

Do we write “and guest” or is that for the invitations?

It’s best to be clear about who’s invited to the wedding, even this far in advance.

What Should The Return Address Be On Save The Date Cards?

Use the return address of the person (s) planning the event so that they will be the people receiving the RSVP’s or dead letters. It really is best if the address listed is of the person who is keeping track of those attending. But, since these are Save the Dates and not invitations, you may not receive any replies, as an RSVP is not included with these. It is amazing though, some will reply to these as if they are invitations.