Planning Your Summer Beach Wedding Stationery

This is a guest blog post by Maddison Wallace from Paperlust

Summer is the most popular time for a wedding and for many people, summer is synonymous with spending time at the beach. Throw it all together and it’s no surprise summer beach weddings are one of the most popular choices for brides. Choosing summer beach wedding stationery might sound simple, but there are a lot of different elements to think about. We’re here to answer your pressing questions, and walk you through everything from Save the dates to thank you cards.


Your wedding stationery can be anything you want it to be, but for a summer beach wedding why not focus on the bright blue color palette of the summer sky and sea? There is a range of popular colors for this, from softer baby blues and aqua through to royal blue, azure, periwinkle, cobalt, and even a rich navy.

Simple, color blocked and typographic design aesthetics are the most popular when it comes to beach weddings, but it’s also possible to go more literal with it and incorporate other design elements like seashells, starfish and waves. You could also consider matching the venue decor or incorporating a premium print type like letterpress or foiling.

There are tonnes of different pieces of wedding stationery you might be interested in, from ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ cards to gift tags for your wedding favors, but this can all add up quickly, so most people choose to focus on just a few pieces of stationery for their big day. There are a few key cards that are used for almost all weddings, and these are the ones that you should prioritize when planning and budgeting.

These include:

  • Save the dates – save the dates are sent 6-12 months out from the wedding to make sure guests can reserve the date and make any necessary travel arrangements. If you’re on a tight time-frame, you can skip save the dates and send the wedding invitation out straight away, but the more time you can give guests to plan, the more likely they will be able to attend.
  • Wedding invitations – the wedding invitation is the ‘main event’ when it comes to your wedding stationery. It gives guests all the key information: date, time, venue, etc. It’s usually sent 6-12 weeks ahead of the wedding. If you choose not to have a save the date, it’s a good idea to send your wedding invitation sooner.
  • RSVP cards – RSVP cards are sent out with your wedding invitation and help you keep track of guest numbers and dietary requirements – or even gather song requests. If you don’t want to rely on guests sending back a physical card,  direct people to RSVP via email, text or a wedding website.
  • Information cards – Any information that doesn’t fit on the wedding invitation, or isn’t applicable to all guests, gets put on extra information cards. This might include wishing well or accommodation details, directions, and babysitting options.
  • On the day stationery – On the day stationery includes pieces like your order of service, menus, place cards or escort cards, and signs. These can be designed to match your other wedding stationery for a sense of continuity.
  • Thank you cards – Thank you cards should be sent out after your big day – ideally within 3 months – to thank your guests for their attendance, well-wishes, gifts, and assistance. These are a must-have! Sending thank you cards is one piece of etiquette we definitely don’t want to do away with – gratitude is always in fashion.

There are a number of trends in wedding stationery for beach weddings. You’re obviously not locked into these styles, but if you’re looking for a starting place, these are some of the most popular choices:

Tropical wedding invitations

The beach in summer just screams ‘tropical’, even if you’re not actually in a tropical location. For this reason, tropical themed wedding invitations are a great fit! Think lush green palm fronds, tropical flowers (frangipani, hibiscus), tropical fruits (pineapple, melon, banana) and lots of bright colors. You can keep it subtle with lots of leaves and greenery, or go all out with a pineapple pattern.

Watercolor wedding invitations

Watercolor wedding invitations are always a popular choice since watercolor is such a beautiful way to create texture and add color all at once. It brings a handmade feel that is all the rage in weddings, without all the work involved in actual DIY invites. Blue watercolor also bears a striking resemblance to both the water and the sky – perfect to match a beach wedding theme without being too literal.

Wave wedding invitations

From ‘not too literal’ to completely literal! It’s common for people having a beach wedding to incorporate waves or water into their invitation design. This can be accomplished with wavy lines or shapes that resemble waves, or by using a photo of water as part of the design. Not only does this point clearly to your beach theme, but it creates an interesting texture on the invitation itself. Win, win!

Patterned wedding invitations

Patterns are everywhere on the beach, from ripples on the water or in the sand to waves, clouds, footprints, sand dunes, the shape of seashells, and beach umbrellas dotting the sand. This makes patterned wedding invitations a go-to for people planning beach weddings. Any pattern can work with your theme, but popular ones include natural, wavy or marbled.

By viewing your wedding stationery as a whole – from engagement invitations to thank you cards – you can carefully ensure that you have everything you need before you place your order, helping to create the summer beach wedding of your dreams.

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