How to Plan the Perfect Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are the epitome of romanticism. In movies, they take place on a white, sandy beach, where everyone wears floaty dresses and the sun is perpetually shining. However, the realities of planning your perfect summer wedding are never as glamorous. Although the big day may be what dreams are made of, you need to make your journey there as seamless as possible, so that the stress doesn’t squash your excitement. If you are struggling to find ways of making your summer wedding come to life, then make sure you follow these foolproof tips to a perfect wedding.

Go with the right venue

For any wedding, having a beautiful venue to decorate is key. If you want summer to be at the heart of your day, it’s best not to go for a venue where your guests will be shielded from the sun. Beach weddings are popular, but even in hot places can be temperamental. To make your day as stress-free as possible, you can always hire out the same place for your ceremony and your reception. Outdoor wedding venues can provide you with the flexibility to enjoy the fine weather, as well as being a blank canvas for you to make your wedding your own.

Have a great theme

Just as seasonal weddings sometimes go for a Christmas theme, summer weddings have certain themes which match the weather more than others. Many people follow the temptation of having a tropical themed wedding, which can sometimes turn out looking less classy than you might hope if it isn’t done right. The best option is to go with a light, breezy color theme, where florals and silverware take center-stage. To really take your theme to the next level, choose foods and music to match, which will epitomize the atmosphere you are hoping to create.

Choose your dress to match

The biggest mistake many brides go for is wearing a heavy dress when the summer season is at its peak. Not only can this make you uncomfortable, but can even cause health complications on the day, remember to choose a lighter dress, which you can move freely in. You could even think about choosing a light yellow or peach dress to match the weather, which will ensure your look stands out from the rest. Chiffon materials or organza will help you ooze a romantic look, as well as being comfortable to wear, and having a short style will mean you aren’t covered in fabric in the heat.

Consider an evening ceremony

One thing you must consider is how hot the temperatures will be if you are having your wedding at the height of summer. You might be able to enjoy the midday sun, but many of your guests won’t. Invoke a more romantic feel by choosing to have your wedding in the early evening, when the golden hour starts. This will make for great photographs and will mean you can enjoy the sun without the glaring heat. Sunset has always been linked to romance, so you could even plan it around that and head straight to your reception.