Open air weddings

Although for some an open air wedding seems like too risky or too complicated you can successfully organize such an event…. Obviously you have to take into account several aspects, but a wedding on the seaside, in a beautifully adorned garden or on a field seems to have a certain cheerful side. There are couples that choose to make even their religious ceremony under open air under a really nice arcade adorned with flowers.

We suggest in the lines to come a small guide that is going to help you reorganize your open air wedding without having unpleasant surprises.

The most important aspect for the bride is the wedding dress that she wears. If you want to look flawless during the entire party and you have to take into account that you run the risk of getting stains on your dress or getting it trashed due to the sand, grass or the terrain. In order to avoid this you can place some carpets on the dance floor and on the places between the tables, in order to make coordination between the color and the central elements.
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Another way of saving the dress is to renouncing to the train or choose a model with detachable dress, without covering the carpet. In this case you have to pay attention to the shoes that you’re wearing because they can get deteriorated. Don’t forget to tell your guests that they can take some safety measures because your wedding takes place in open air.

When it comes to the weather it’s also an important aspect that you have to take into consideration because you need safety measures. You can always encounter a torrential rain and you don’t know why and all your pieces of décor are going to get ruined. You can place over the tables a pavilion under the shape of a tent without any walls, which is resistant and impermeable. If the wedding takes place in the yard of a place the most important thing is to reserve a salon in case of bad weather. The sea breeze can prove out to be an enemy of the girls sitting at the table. you don’t want that your guests feel uncomfortable due to the fact that a corner of the table enters in their plate and you can make sure that the corners of the table covers are ok and that you adorn them with flower arrangements, candles and colored bottles.

The sound is really important at least when we’re speaking of a wedding. You can apply for a location that doesn’t do harm to the sound and that has a certain resonance. Don’t forget to take care of the electrical issues.