Wedding and catering

Every bride has her own tastes when it comes to the food and the drink served at her wedding and this is why you have to make sure in due time that all is going to be accordingly to your tastes and exactly how you’ve dreamed, you have to place the important questions to the crew that is going to make sure your wedding is going to happen gorgeously.

No matter if you apply for the services that the restaurant and the location offers to you or you apply for a catering crew you have to make sure that they’re going to get occupied of all the things you want.

In order to guarantee efficient communication make sure that you’re going to take into account all the aspects surrounding the organization of the wedding.

Make sure you calculate the minimum portions of food and drink that you’re going to receive when it comes to the extra price that you’re going to pay in case you go over this limit.

It would be indicated to ask the presentation of a portion of food in order to see with your own eyes what the firm offers to you, because you don’t want to wake up in the evening of the party with a really thin steak.

Make sure you verify the prices. Maybe you’re going to be pushed to buy all that’s eaten in plus by your guests and make sure that the price you’re going to pay isn’t triple in comparison with the normal price.

You’re going to observe in the case of the drinks in weddings that the prices are kind of high- the champagne can be extremely expensive when is served in the big night. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises ask in due time for a list of prices.

Ask even from the beginning if the price of the employees is included in the rental tax or the catering one. Also, make sure that in the contract are placed the compensations for the cases in which the employers are going to be at the level of your expectations.

If you’re going to choose to have an open bar or not with a Swedish buffet then you have to take care of the products that are going to be served, make sure that these are included in the price you’ve paid. Some organizers can forget the products that are going to place on the paycheck in the end and this is a trick that they usually do.

Make sure that the bar has the products you’ve asked for and they’re paid without any other products, or if you accept these products make sure that they have reasonable prices that you can afford.