Something new, something borrowed, something blue, something old

Here are some symbols that are related to your wedding day and we’re certain that you definitely find them interesting and to be taken into account. Also, we’re sure that you know some things about these and that they’re going to seem really interesting due to the fact that they tell kinds of things related to these….

So, you know that you have to have something new on you in your wedding day…. It’s easy to pick something new; it’s a symbol of optimism and belief in the future things that are going to happen. So, as we mentioned it’s easy and you have to take into account all the details surrounding the bridal gown and let’s also add that it’s new as well. It’s also told that the bride should carry some money in her little purse, this gesture meaning that all the family should be great in the future time.

You have to wear something borrowed as well in your wedding day…. And this is definitely something that you know about and it’s a tradition. It’s told that in your wedding if you carry a lent object you’re going to have lots of joy and feel great as a couple.
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The bride should wear a borrowed object that is owned by a woman who’s close to her and that has a happy marriage.

If you didn’t know these things then it means that you definitely need to know them from now on and take them into account when it comes to your future wedding.

In the biblical periods, blue was a symbol of purity and the wedded ones used to wear a blue ribbon that was caught at the basis at the jacket or somewhere around the dress. This is a color that is a symbol of fidelity, love and these are feelings that the two have and swear for each other- something blue.

There are also the other details that you have to know about and the last one that you surely know about concerns the old detail that you have to wear in your wedding day- something old.

Every bride knows that she has to wear at her wedding an old object- a piece of jewelry, a napkin, the clock, the garter and so on….

The significance of this object is the idea of continuity. The English people have the tradition in which the woman has to place in her stocking an old coin.

These being said, we just hope that you take into account all these details and that you’re going to wear such accessories in your wedding day, because you have to maintain the tradition….